Wolves. Always goes:

Hennessey to Doyle back to Milijas, scores a 40 yard strike. :mad:
Dundee United, as Hibs i just can't beat them, no matter what i try :S they had 11 game's without winning, we had won 6 in a row and we got beat 4-0 of them >.<
A bogey team!
Mine would be Everton.
I have 3 that ALLWAYS either put up a worrying challenge, beat me or draw with me. They are: Villa, Man City & Sunderland
St Johnstone always beat me or get a draw off me

in the last game i played against them i got a draw against them they scored first i hit the post 2 times before scoring the equaliser it the post another 4 times and got two shots cleared off the line :(

I'm Celtic by the way played them 4 times lost 2 drawn 1 won 1
Watford - what ever team i am i can never beat them... in every save i have had on this game... its watford!
Longford F****** Town. They regularly finish 7th-9th in 10 team league and yet take 3 points of me each season(4 games v each team) while Im challenging for title
It's Crotone (italian team) for me. Played them 3 times in one season (was San Marino manager then became Chievo manager) and didn't beat them once. Not even a draw, really frustrating when I was challenging for an automatic place!
Real Madrid, Tottenham and Porto, Higuain, Defore, Hulk, nuff said
Strangely from a West Ham fan's perspective, the two teams I always seem to batter are Spurs and Bolton. Complete contrast to real life.
liverpool, man city and tottenham, so frustrating, sometimes i nick a goal early on and i seem to be dominating on possession, but for some reason out of the blue they will get an equaliser (always in the last 15mins) or even worse take all 3 points. :mad::mad:
Mine is Wigan Athletic. In 5 or 6 meetings, I think I've won only once as Arsenal, that too. In fact, the person I hate the most in the game is Charles N'Zogbia. He always either pops up with an assist or a goal. I hate him. :'(
I can't seem to beat Manchester City in cup competitions, in my Millwall save...Got them in the Carling cup quarters soon as well
Tottenham and in my Atletico save, Getafe for some reason.