Aston Villa. No idea why. Even when I bought one of their best players in Ashley Young, games always end up 3-3.
Millwall ... whenever im in below Premier League, I always lose to them.
Bayer Leverkusen - beat me 4 out of 5 meetings in the 1st season, knocking my Dortmund side out of 2 cups and almost ruining my title charge :S
I'm Liverpool, i struggle against Man Utd & Arsenal
But, i also get stuck against Aston Villa, Blackpool, Stoke, Sunderland, Bolton, Birmingham, Blackburn, Everton, Fulham, Man City, Newcastle, Tottenham, WBA, Wigan and Wolves.
Everyone but Chelsea really :)
With my Rangers save its got to be mainly Inverness (That **** Adam Rooney always scores!) and Dundee United also beat me alot. apart from that it's all good
Real Madrid, Tottenham and Porto, Higuain, Defore, Hulk, nuff said

In my FM10 save Hulk every year (it's in 2017 now) has an average rating of about 8.4 and scores 1.2 goals a game. That's why I could never beat them. Although one year I was ahead of them by 2 points with 2 games to go. Hadn't beaten them in ages and they had scored in 48 matches in a row. We beat them 5-0 to take the title. It was epic.
I tend to play in the Spanish leagues and my bogey team is easily Ferrol.

Results have never gone my way and always, ALWAYS get awful refereeing decisions go against me playing them. Results in two seasons against them are...

3-3 at home, they got two penalties.
2-2 away - two reds against me while 2-0 up.
4-4 home - two red cards for each team, two goals that were clearly offside and a penalty at the death.
2-2 away - 2-0 at half time, defense were asleep the whole of the second half.

High scoring and entertaining, just **** annoying that we can score so many..and get nothing out of it.
In my current game with Swansea, it's Tottenham.

In every other game, it's Man City :S
Toulouse and Auxerre. The problem with Auxerre is Ireneusz Jelen, he ALWAYS scores, no matter where he shoots from.
So the general consensus is that Everton and Spurs are cu### to play ?.
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Liverpool. We always have a massive friendly rivalry when I play as Villa, I lost every game for two seasons against them (got drawn against them in the FA Cup and the League Cup final), then drew our next game, and won the last one. It was pretty much the most proud moment of that career.

At Seoul, ******* Daejeon. They finished second last in the league, and both games against them were draws. They were embarrassing, but we had so much bad luck, I swear we hit the post with around three quarters of our shots.
In my rebooted City save, it's Spurs and Chelsea - although I drew with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and at home against Spurs but was a man down since about the 10-minute mark.
But it's always those two,
man utd...i only hv won once with leeds (and it league cup) and all other match-ups were lost..