Finally got this tactic working for me! once the players are trained properly and you have the right kind of squad it starts becoming really fun!

Ended up winning the Championship and even the FA Cup!

I only got to sign one player as i was put under a transfer embargo halfway through the season but i already had all the players i needed

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What is the name of skin mate?
cant wait for NeXT season m8 ty for sharing. keep me updated

2nd season wasnt quite as strong as the first, but i think its maybe cause i had quite a bit of a clear out and bring in, and had to retrain people again, like i brought in Micah Richards who also had long throws but no flat throws, also andy reid had declined a lot so looked to bring in a new cm for long range, also sold assombalonga for just under 20 mil

didnt win no competitions this season, but did manage to finish one spot above predicted finish of 9th, i also got pretty far in the euro cup, getting unlucky to get knocked out to away goals to napoli who scored a wonder goal in the last few minutes

im expecting next season to be A LOT stronger

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I don't post on these forums very often but I have been using your tactics for the past couple of months and they have been unbelievable for me.

On the last patch I used your tactic and somehow got Newcastle to win the Champions League 2 years in a row. Since then I have managed to build Newcastle into the best team around and now I have updated to Tuk Tuk from Hello Kitty the team is unstoppable! Hello Kitty was good but Tuk Tuk takes it to the next level and my team walked the Champions League this year.

I only suffered one defeat in all competitions all season and that was a 3-2 defeat against Man Utd. There were a few games where my team scored in the double figures including a 10-1 over Juventus who have absolutely dominated the Italian league in recent years.

I have uploaded a few screenshots to show

Good job TTY!! Best tactics on FM15 by some clear way (I have tried quite a lot of them)
Agree, this is the best tactic. Scores a lot of goals, but is also tight at the back.
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this is the best tactic i have tried on fm 15 so far and yet the most underrated on this forum
looking forward to your next project because i like tactics with AML and AMR so please keep us informed if you are still making the new project8-|
i almost forgot i am trying now the tactic wit juventus and the results are astonishing the only transfer i made is Fierro, in 20 games UCL and Seire A 20 wins i smashed Bayern 3-1 at home in UCL:D

edit - sorry guys for my bad english
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