Some good signings Raikan, I signed a few players you signed in my Valladolid save like Denis Stracqualursi, David Ospina and Juan Pablo Carrizo. Have you managed Carrizo before? I think he's possibly the worst goalkeeper I have managed in fm lol he constantly made mistakes would have been better off playing without a goalkeeper lol. He was bought as a back up to Opsina but Ospina got injured so had to play Carizzo but I ended up putting my faith in a 17 year old regen goalkeeper as Carrizo kept costing me results. I sold him to Roma for £1m so can't complain too much for a free transfer lol.
Italian league is really a challange :) Check out Simone Zaza (Ascoli) Decent Forward, he was my legend striker in Ascoli save, scoring for fun 2 seasons in Serie B then few seasons in Serie A :)