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Nov 16, 2010
Last couple of days have been a bit odd with a little forum drama. That's it though and it is only a little drama but it stops now.

We're a community first, and the best communities support each other. Share tweaks, theories, training, routines (a little shoutout here to @ThePav as I find his set piece routines clinical), any all aspects of FM and life in general. There will always be barriers but we can easily go past them and achieve so much more. Which will end up with us having the best tactics the FM player base has ever seen. We have the experience, we have the know-how, let's utilise that energy better.

There's been so many good-looking tactics, and I'm chuffed to bits the overall quality of those posting tactic threads have gone up. If you're new here and thinking about posting a tactic, I'd highly recommend read through the Shared Tactics FAQ first. This also implies to when you're commenting about a tactic. If you've tested them in a different way for the results you show, please say how-so in the thread otherwise this will only cause to suspicions plus it may give us other avenues to look into for tactic testing.

It does make me happy to see people like @Hum4njeje who hasn't posted here a lot include a lot of info and screenshots on their first tactic upload - Hum4njeje Raumdeuters 2020 Complete.

Tactic Testing:
The team are working on it. There are a few big changes with it, and once it's ready you'll see why it took a bit longer but it is going to change things up. I can't give a specific eta, but once it's firing on all cylinders again, we'll be sure to announce it.

Personal Update:
You're probably aware I've taken a bit of a backseat and not active as much to and if you've been around my streams you know why. I have some family issues happening so my mind isn't as focused here as it once was. Which to me is why it's more important to remember we are here to support each other.

Edit: Also wow at UEFA and FFP punishing Man City!

@Liam @Dec @Sean If you chaps want to also add anything here for the update.

For anything else, please feel free to reply, DM me or contact me on Discord Danwolf#4042.
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