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Nov 5, 2011
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BOMBARDMENT Main Striker scoring 100+ goals each season

So we decided in v0lliz's topic that we would split the topic into two as my tweaks and his were getting very confusing, I currently have only done two tweaks and will post them here with some results. I will also try and do an in depth explanation of the throw in routine that is used and some players that can be bought to take advantage of this straight away.

My first tweak was a mixture of a korean 433 and v0lliz and seemed to work amazingly I am currently playing with a great Shrewsbury team in 2023 but I haven't lost a game in 180 games I think currently and only drawn 2 in the league in the last 3 years! The first season of this run was with my original tweak which I have now deleted as the V11 was far superior.

If you would like me to dig out some screenshots I can but can't be bothered right now. I will explain OIs and training at the end after I post my second tweak. Also someone had some good results with Norwich as well?

Okay onto the next tweak which I have been using this season, I potentially let in more goals but overall I seem to be scoring more. I have some results from this:
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As you can see I will probably hit 200 goals for the 2nd season running and with 10 games left my main striker (regen who has the same CA as Messi) has 62 goals in the league. We are also still in all competitions and my main striker has 95 goals in all competitions with a potential 19 more games to play. I tend to play attacking against poor teams and at home and hard away games I change to control (but Tommiheim also found standard mentality also works).

Training, OI and all that jazz:
Training = A mixture of fitness and general and then match prep is always attacking movement (we want goals)
OI = Either do none or ask your assistant manager
Corner takers = LB and RB

Though throw ins are unticked this means your corner set up is transfered to your throw in and this is key to this tactic, you need your full backs to possess the long flat bullet throw in PPM. You can find this when you click a player, go to Overview -> Information and it should be in the bottom right hand corner as seen in this picture:
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This can be trained to any fullback that has a long throws attribute of 14+ (in my experience), so if you want your players to learn it train them on long throws until its 14. Then to teach them the preferred move you need to click on the player -> go to development -> suggest preferred move via (pick your best technical coach) -> technique training -> then select develop long flat bullet throw as seen in this picture:
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Should take a couple of months for them to learn it but when they learn it you will see your results get better and better. Alternatively I will now start a list on here with players that posses this PPM from the beginning, listing cheap options and some more expensive ones, I would appreciate help with this list.

Cheap players:
Knudsen (LB) - Team?
Luiz Hernandez (RB) - Team?

Expensive players:
Azpilcueta (RB and LB) - Chelsea

I will be working on different formations also based on this v0lliz base and let me finish in saying that v0lliz's original tactic is still amazing and you will find it here, credit all the original work to him and try both maybe his will work better but the throw in is exactly the same:

Okay so heres an update so we can stop getting confused, i've given the tactic a name and i've made it into a tactic set, V11 is home, lamps latest tweak is away and the shadow version is for small teams at home.

Home (V11):

Away (Lamps latest tweak):

Small teams at home (Wills shadow tweak):
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About bullet throw-ins

Ricardo Rodriguez doesn't have the preferred move at the start of the game, but can learn it fairly fast.

You can search for players with preferred moves under scouting > all known players (if you don't have attribute masking on, I guess? Not sure if it matters). There's quite a few, but not many "big name players" have it at the start.

My personal favorite if playing with a really big team is Chiellini. He's also got 20 long throws and is a brilliant defender. And you can buy him for around £20M at the start (I usually do a £5M + £20M over 36 months deal if I buy him). Second is Azpilicueta, but he's hard to get at the start of the game. Can easily lure him away after the first season if you're a big club though.

Of the cheaper options I had great success with Knudsen who you mention. He's at Esbjerg at the start. I also played a season with Cardiff at some point, and they have 2 players with it. Aron Gunnarson and Sean Morrison. Gunnarsson is a midfielder, but he can play right back right from the start. He's actually pretty good.

Some players I've had success in learning the move pretty quick are Carvajal, Rodriguez, Chambers, Digne, and Mathieu.

I also managed to get Montoya at Barcelona to learn it after training his long throws up to 15 first. I'm not sure if there's a limit, but the lowest long throw attribute I've been able to teach the move on is 14 (Chambers).
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Tommi thanks for the standard mentality idea, also on control I just won the capitol one cup final 8-0 against Arsenal, striker has hit the 100 goal mark 29 games in what an acheivement
Another option for cheap player with Long throws... He's injured at the start of the game so you will probably have to wait until Jan to get him (cost me £500,000).

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Couldn't finish the season but my main striker is on 77 in 33 and the team is on 194 goals! The main striker is also on 118 for the season
looks like my tweak :) made it before 1 week :D its really powerfull at attack indeed
God,thats insane,is that even possible ???
Stupide question,which tactic is the best ? You posted 2 tactics,which one is with the best ST scorer ?
JS,what do you think it works better,OI's left to *** man,or no OI's ??
jonnysnipe does it matter if i play a left footed striker on the right side of the DLF position and the same for the left side but a right footed player or what do you find best ??? cheers m8.
I find best left footed on the left and being able to cross is good! Same with the aps! I usually let *** manager do them
Thank mate ! I wilk try your tactic,1st season with Arsenal,i train all my wing back to develope a long flat throw,but till they have this PM,my results will be afected someway ?
Cheers !
ok m8 its just because im player VADALA on the left side and hes right footed and im playing ACOSTA on right side and hes left foot. But both of them 2 players don't seem to score much and they are very good player. But i cant take nothing away from my regen striker hes got 10 goals in 4 games.
Yeah the wide strikers won't score mucheck the middle striker will, the wide strikers will get assiSt's I believe my left sided one gas around 70 assists for the season