What Skin are you using?


like a (super) mod
Sep 16, 2005
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Im using one fo the defualtsm its not that good :(

Anyone know a skin that looks decent & has the attribute highlighter thingy ma jigger (eg green if there attributes over 15)

Anyway what skin are you using?
Havn't played it yet. :)

Will Fm 2005 skins work for it or not?
they dont work for it Lee. They use some different .XML files so it sorta works but will qucikly crash if it goes to a screen it doesnt like.
I'm using the new metallic (right) skin.

I might look at making some skins for this one in a month or so once I have got stuck into actually playing it :D
I hope sky sports release FM2006 skin, I rated last years highly
It wa sshit, Sorry but it was far to bright and not very easy 2 look at.

Sean should make one if he gets time. :D
The only decent skin that I'm using right now is the default Chameleon one...

Looks abit too colourful at times but it's the only way to compare values with players!!
Seans skin was my fav for FM 05 (yn)
Which one Gregor?

My fave was the Twilight one or Allure. Both pretty nifty. :D
im using the turnstyle one from sortisoutsi its not that bad for now im just waiting for more skins to be made
Dunnow Lee, I knwo I used both.
I'm using Elegance 2 and I have to say it's different gravy.
hi....I'm new arround....I would like to know if someone can "crate" a sikn about a team..."FC STEAUA BUCHAREST"....because is a team that it starts to shine...and I think that she diserves to have a skin :D..thx !!
Turnstyle 06, its very nice, but looks best playing full view rather than windowed mode.
I use the Chamelion one and it is definitely the most attractive and easy on the eye skin
michael said:
Where do you get the Elegance 2 skin from?

Susie, but it's down at the moment, so here you go.