Whats your biggest defeat while playing seriously


Dec 10, 2010
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Dont lie

I was west brom and i lost 10-1 to tottenham in a season where i came 7th and the week after we beat them 2-1 in the fa cup
While I was managing Exeter, I got beat 6-0 by Brighton. Not sure how it happened, team was very inconsistent :O
Arsenal 7-2 Newcastle United - RVP put on a masterclass and scored 6.

Then he got subbed after 73 mins...
I no we were all over them for the first 5 minutes big difference we took the lead but i felt very embarrassed after and went close to resigning but glad i didnt as we made it to the euro cup
on my nottingham forest save we were winning by half time but man utd turn it around bad

Nottm Forest 1- 8 Man Utd

Rooney scored 6 :mad: in 20 minutes
I lost 5-1 to Aston Villa whilst Arsenal in a save a while back.

Gabby Agbonlahor with a hat-trick.
Man U 5 - 0 Rangers in Champ. L. group stage. Beat them 2 - 1 later on though ;)
Celtic 7 East Fife 0 Thought it was great to get to Scottish Cup Quarter Finals but this defeat lowered morale and just missed out on play off :( Won the division next year though and now a good established First Div team :D
10-1? Jesus what were you doing??

4-2 to Porto when I was Everton

Went on to beat them 3-0 2nd leg get in.
Probably my loss to Sporting CP in the semi finals of the Champions League. Lost 1-0 away, and lost 4-2 at home, so 5-2 on aggregate. Was so ****** off.
I lost 5-0 to Arsenal in my current Bolton save in 3rd season
First season with Rangers, Barca away, 8-1**, group stage. Got my revenge in the KO rounds, though. 2-1 on agg.

**I did have two men sent off before 20 mins.
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Had an absolutely dream result against Barcelona as Man utd in the firstt leg semi-final of the champions league, winning 4-1.
Then proceeded to lose the second leg 4-0. Absolutely gutted.
Lost 10-0 in a LIGA BBVA match against Real on FM10. I was Hércules and basically had a team filled with youngsters.

Didn't matter though, finished 8th in my first season after being predicted to finish dead last.
Playing as Braga I beat Valencia 2-0 away in the Champions League semi. I lost the home game 5-3 and went out on AWAY goals. I know its not the biggest defeat, but I was heartbroken, still not over it. I left Braga at the end of that season and my career has stalled.
losing 5-2 against man utd in the league at ot when they were taken over by brazilian tycoons. still won the league.