Wonder kids

is it just me or does gav have every single player anyone says? lol.
Gav - wot training do you do cos thiago's got ALL up arrows?
This is the schedule for my attacking midfielders
heres a screenie for that Michel Schmoller guy...

and also for Lasse Qvist who is also pretty good...
just a couple my scouts picked up...

and here's what thiago's looking like on my game...

£220k Deportivo paid for him. Wonderkid now as well
Oh yeah two more. Laurito was free from Udiinese and Traore cost £5m from Man City (although Middlesborough got him from Arsenal for £775k). Both wonderkids.
this guy is class, you can get him at the start of the game for 675k from genk
Goldstein... could he be any more jewish?
found a few cba with screenies tho

i found vincent degre- cant get the **** cus of array access **** so hopefully u will have more luck
henri saivet
ben arfa
Who doesn't know Ben Arfa... he's my God. :wub:
Omar Esparza!
And Guardado!

Can be brought on the cheap, have good stats which improve rapidly and are Omar is extremely versitile. Both can be sold for extortionate prices. I paid just over a mill for Esparza and sold him to Liverpool for 9.5mil! Guardado bags loads of assists aswell as goals from left mid.
guess what.. nicholas milan retired at the age of twenties..

no joke.. didnt manage to take screenshot.
Here is another class wonderkid, here he is in 2009. Henri Saivet!
found another player, ive never heard of him but he's definitely not a regen cos his history starts in 2005. i got him from juventus for 3.4 million.
Felipe from Goias EC good AMC dubbed as the new Kaka in my game bought him for 5m and does wonders for me alot of assisting and scoring 38 games and 46 goals am really pleased with this player.... Hope you get good results from this player as i have :)