Wonder kids

Just finished another season and here's Yohan's stats for that season. A few of his attributes have dropped by 1 point due to his injury.


**** me lee, u might wanna reduce yer pic size.

edit: Oh and where did ya get him from lee?
good players but not the best physical attributes
Heres some more, I love my scouts....
that benavente becomes ace....starts off at madrid dusn't he??
Oh I assumed Benavente was a regen... I got him for £110k on a minimum release. Great player.
yeh think he's like 14 at the start of the game...
I got him on a free from Madrid at the start of this current season (5th season in)
i know he's quite well known now....but still young and rather good....
How can you concentrate on the stats with those backgrounds??? :eek:
its not that bad....luks worse on the screenie.... and most of the aint that bad...
found some new young talent:
Thiago - Barcelona C
Wason Renteria - Porto (might be Internacional I dont know wen porto signed him)
Salvatore Foti - Sampdoria
Andre Duarte - Free Transfer
Wason Renteria - Porto (might be Internacional I dont know wen porto signed him)

:wub: I had him at Liverpool for about 5 seasons, great player and scored plenty of goals.
i'm signing him wen the transfer window re-opens on my wba game :D
Michel Schmoller....young brazilian DC/DM...can't remember what club he starts at..will post a screenie wen back at Uni...
Heres that Thiago from Barcelona B mentioned earlier. Not bad at all