I have currently added England and Germany Under 16's squads. I am planning on adding all the youngsters for the spanish top teams.
Name: Matthew Lowe
Nationality: English
D.O.B: 23/02/1996
Club: Coventry City
Position: Striker
Recommended PA: -7
140 dam ur getting through all that mate earlier it was like 100
Name: Vukasin Potic
Nationality: Serbian
D.O.B: 30.09.1994
Club: Geylang United (Formerly Partizan until 2007)
Position: AM/MC/DMC (C)
Recommended PA: -9
Personality - Level-headed/ Leader

He was playing for the Serbia U-16 team at age 13. I was told by a Serbian U-21 coach that he was once their U-14 Player of the year. He can't actually go into Professional football until he's 18 as he wants to finish his studies. At age 16 is the youngest player on the Geylang P-league team (but already the tallest at 1.80m).

He's got great technique, not really a trickster. He's very composed in the center of midfield, he can push up into an attacking position or pull back. Can be surrounded by 5 or 6 players, dribble around them a bit and pick out a killer pass. Captains his U-19 school team and he's still only 16.

From the official website -
Geylang United
In: Sevki Sha’ban, Kim Jae Hong (all S.League), Vukasin Potic, Sebastian Seah, Hafiz Adnan, Nurhazwan Norasikin, Hakiim Sutar, Permesher Singh (all Prime League)
Out: Miroslav Latiak (S.League), Ang Zhi Wei, Hazwan Halimi, Shahid Muhammad, Nur Azreen Azman (all Prime League)

Diagnosis: The announcement that skipper Latiak would leave the club was seen as a shock to some, although insiders close to the club claim the departure was on for some time before. Either way, the Slovakian midfielder’s place is taken by a familiar face in South Korean Kim, who returns for his second spell at the club following a stint in the second half of last season. A fascinating arrival for the Eagles is that of Serbian youngster Potic, who despite being just 16 years of age already stands at a strapping 1.81m.
Thanks guys, I will add these. Real madrid have a great player called Lopez. Look out for him :)
so how many have you added? why not add it o sendspace just upload the link

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where is the link i was gonna have wee nosy at the file
I will upload to megaupload now. :)

I am adding loads more players as we speak. Most Barca and R. Madrid players are -10.
nice one looking forward 2 it...it will be a gt8 edition 2 my long *** career game when new patch comes out hopfully by then u have done alot more.
Where is your link? [I'm french].

I believe I'll love you cause of this db.
Man U ,I'm arriving.. :p
good work shots even have andy cole's son in there cant wait see file getting bigger
Name: André Santana (We call him only Santana)
Nationality: Portuguese
D.O.B: 07.12.95
Club: Almada Atlético Clube
Position: AMC
Recommended PA: -9

*He plays like Kaka, striking the pass, the vision of the game and a very powerful shot.
Okay started work on this, and hopefully going to add around 200 players by the end of today.
200 by end of the day...DAM lol will u upload at end of night thats alot

Name: Alex Walker
Nationality: English
D.O.B: 20/02/1994
Club: Walton and Hersham (A youth squad)
Position: Very versatile right footed player, usually plays best RW/ST because of his pace and finishing.
Recommended PA: around 150? I think he'd cope in the championship in future... maybe he'll prove us wrong.

Quality player i'm good friends with him and played together since around Under 9's where he always stood out. He would've broken through at W&Hersham but towards the end of 2009 he got injured in a match he was called up to the above team for. Quite a skillful player with alot of pace but he's quite small (5'9 ish) and his strength isn't the best. I think he's playing as a first team member of a non-league team, he's pretty much over the injury now and hopefully he'll get scouted soon.