I got a question , When I put these 2 databases together, There are loads of doubled players , and when I remove em in FM Editor they keep showing up in the game, does anyone know how to fix this problem?
i think it has something 2 do with 11.3 patch......the file i was working on with shots i have just noticed some off the players i added are in the wrong team in the game but fine in the editor like jack jebb he is in aston villa team but should be in arsenal team noticed this with few players. im sure someone said the 11.3 patch had changed the UID's so its messed up the db's i started on 11.2
Im using the 11.2 so it cant be the problem with 11.3 , btw I had the same with players added in the wrong team , the guys I made myself that werent ingame at 11.2 and that I put at their team where transferred to Atheltic Barcelona.
Name: Jack Grealish
Nationality: English/Irish
D.O.B: 10/9/95
Club: Aston Villa
Positions: LW, RW, RM, LM
Recommended PA: -9 maybe -10

he has played for the reserves a few times at 15 years old, so he has talent