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    Help with creating a tactic!!

    i really struggle to create a tactic, I'm not sure where I am going wrong and what more I need to do! I like to try play a possession game but attacking also and I cannot get a right balance in my squad. i have attached a tactic I created with United and it just doesn't click.
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    Unemployment - Where will it take me ?

    My Career A simple save starting unemployed and seeing where the journey takes me, No Rules, no Cheating just simply playing football manager. As you can see, terrible stats! Gave myself National A licence coaching badge, but who would hire me ? Who knows is the answer but we shall see...
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    Football Manager Live 2016/17

    Welcome to Football Manager Live - A style of story which I hope the get started and gain the interest and followers and possibly encourage people to start their own, The idea of this story is to follow/manage 1 team for a full real time season meaning it will only be played 1/2 games a week...
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    The Mighty Bantams - LIVE STORY (FM17)

    The Mighty Bantams - LIVE STORY. (FM17) Ok here I shall take about my story idea to see if people would be interested. My aim is to takeover Bradford (As Mccall) and complete 1 season in real time, Obviously it's difficult to go 1 day at a time however I will sim up to (4th November or...
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    Business advertising, Please help!

    Just asking a favour of the forum, My wife is starting up her own business selling her very own handmade childrens clothes (mainly girls) I would really appreciate if you could share with friends, families etc either in person on facebook or instagram. Molly's Closet @miss_mollyscloset...
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    The Flying Scotsman

    Ok I have been at this save for a little bit of time now so I have decided to write it up for a bit of fun, Firstly I simmed the first season and began in season 2, I looked at the clubs without jobs and took over Celta Vigo which I felt was a decent challenge to attempt to overcome the big...
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    Should I Sell Harry Kane ???

    Started a save with Spurs and Man Utd bid for Kane, I put the cost up to £62million overall ( not all up front) and surprisingly they accepted, should I sell him or say no ??
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    Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

    Fortuna Sittard - Fernando Ricksen Story Fernando Ricksen was a dutch fullback mostly known by myself for his time at Glasgow Rangers, A hardman on the field and a cracking player who played his part in much success at my club. Unfortunately for Fernando who was diagnosed with MND or ALS as...
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    Dynamo tickets Manchester tuesday 6th october

    hi all, i have two tickets for the Manchester show for Dynamo tuesday the 6th october, im looking for face value £32.50 and i would send special delivery. Got them for my sons xmas but managed to get glasgow ones instead. Pm me if anyones interested
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    Can't Loan Ryan Gauld ?

    I have just started a second season with Norwich in the Championship and I'm trying to build my team ready for promotion, I have tried to make a bid for Ryan Gauld who is on the loan list however the only option I have is to buy him ? I am in August so Transfer Window is open however I have...
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    Football Manager 2016 Story Plans

    I know this may sound crazy but I have already started writing a story plan for Football Manager 2016, It will make more sense why I'm writing/planning it just now when I actually do the story however I am looking for idea's of what team to start with, Initially I was going to go with a top club...
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    Taking on the Old Firm - A Partick Thistle Story

    Taking on the Old Firm Partick Thistle are a club located in Maryhill, Glasgow & I intend to battle it out and one day overtake the old firm and be the dominant force in Glasgow & Scottish Football. COME ON THE JAGS. Predicted to finish 6th in the league which is a top half finish...
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    Cannot make a successful tactic!

    I have started numerous saves with great teams, poor teams & average teams & cannot seem to make a tactic! Not sure what else to do, I want to play a possession passing game with a holding midfielder & full backs coming forward & possibly wingers playing as IFs. But I cannot seem to get it right...
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    Glasgow Rangers: More Than A Club

    Glasgow Rangers - More Than A Club. I have just decided to dive into a story on this fm without having played it, So who knows how successful or long this will last but how hard can it be with Rangers, My Club in turmoil. DAVE KING £16 MILLION BID THROWN OUT Dave King has today spoke...
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    Too many staff members dilema!

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I started a new save with fiorentina who had 13 coaches but only 9 permitted, I asked board for more & they gave me max: 11 I sacked several people including scouts, physios & coaches yet I still have 13 ? I have 1x DOF 1x *** Man 1x HOYD 1x GKP Coach 4x...