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    Control or counter?

    I've not really posted here for a while, but have been a member for some time. I quite like having discussions about tactics and what makes people tick, so really just wanted to have the following discussion; Controlling football or counter attacking football? I'm not talking about just the...
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    The (perhaps underused) 3-5-2

    Now this is a formation I really want to get right on this FM/FM14, obviously the tactic is only as good as I make it, but I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this formation on FM13, what they feel the most important aspects are and how you've done? Ill be lining up like GK, CB, CB...
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    Liverpool stadium

    Hi guys, It's been a long time since I last posted on here, but just wanted to grab people's experiences if may. The Liverpool stadium enquiries have been asked before, but my phone doesn't allow me to search old threads on here, so can't see if it's been posted before. On previous versions of...
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    Tactical flexibility

    Looking through this tactics sub-forum, all I see on here is ''United emulation'', ''Barca emulation tactic'' etc and it did get me wondering. Obviously for every team, you need to tweak your tactics based on the opposition you're playing. Some people just stick a tactic in, and hope it does the...
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    E-mails from an ******* This website is absolutely hilarious. The gist of it is that people put advertisements on something like gumtree etc and this man responds to all of these ads in funny ways. When you have a moment & need a laugh, flick through these - They're brilliant. There's an...
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    The best tactically?

    Morning all Thought I'd try something a bit different. Who would you rank as the best tacticians in the modern game? Not best manager overall, best managers tactically is what I'm after. Here are my top 3, listed in no particular order: Mourinho - for my money the best at using substitutions...
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    FIFA11 Xbox 360 Tournament

    Folks, I have noticed over the past few months there have been many successful FIFA tournaments, and more recently some rather unsuccessful. Due to my recent acquisition of another month of XBL, I have decided to make this tournament. The tournament will require 16 members and Premium Members...
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    The Arsenal dressing room: Pre-Barca

    *It's Wednesday night. The players are all waiting in the dressing room for Arsene to arrive, they seem nervous* Robin: I heard Messi could be playing tonight. Cesc: Messi will be yeah. I don't think he picked up any injury. *Robin gets up and walks across the room, he looks over at Jack who...
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    FM2011 Genie Scout released

    After a lot of patience and a lot of hard work, Eugene has finally finished the genie scout for Football Manager 2011, it has been fully tested and is now available for download. All instructions for download etc are in the link provided below. Here...
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    Alex - Question Time

    http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f99/scott-question-time-t58856.html Now following from the above thread, Scott nominated myself to answer the next 20 questions. Now he's a big lad, 6'8 I've heard ;) So do not want to get on the wrong side of him, so fire away. Do your worst.
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    Howard Webb Encourages 'Diving'

    World Cup ref Webb encourages diving? World Cup Final referee Howard Webb has told Blackpool players to go down if they want free-kicks. As the Tangerines prepared for their Boxing Day clash with Liverpool, Webb astonishingly let Ian Holloway’s men in on a few secrets. Ollie’s players sat...
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    Al's 4-2-3-1: Possession, goals and clean sheets

    Hi folks, http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3594 As you might know this is the first tactic I'm deciding to share with FM-Base, I've not been a fan of downloading others and I do gain a lot more satisfaction out of making my own, whether it be finding the right one...
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    Windowed mode on mac

    Folks, am writing on behalf of a friend who has fm on a mac - He is trying to play in windowed mode so he can browse between screens. This is what we have at the moment - As you can see whilst in windowed mode we can't see the bottom of the screen and there is no button in the bottom corner...
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    Portsmouth to go into liquidation... or have they?

    A sad day for English football, Portsmouth are on the brink of liquidation if agreement with Gaydamek is not reached. Sky Sports Breaking news now. More to follow. Hopefully with this and the dramas with Liverpool and Manchester United this will make a lot of clubs stand up and take notice...
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    Best individual performance?

    Relatively simple thread with a very self-explanatory title really. What's the best individual performance you have ever seen? It could be any player from any team from any period of time. There are a few which immediately spring to mind, for example Ronaldinho against a variety of teams...