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    The fm2012 data editor

    hey guys i can't find the data edotor where is it?
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    new wolves season

    Hey guys I have just started a new wolves season any ideas on who to buy and sell would be great thanks!
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    newcastle season

    hey guys I have just started a new Newcastle season any advice on who to get and sell?
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    liverpool season

    hey guys I have just started a new liverpool season I have 25 million to spend any advice on who to get and sell?
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    Norwich a new season

    Hey guys I have just started a new season with Norwich on the new patch has anybody done any seasons with them, and could you give me advice on tactics and players who to buy and sell please, would be grateful thanks.
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    a work permit

    right i have signed a regen on my man utd season and I have ad him for almost a season but I want to play him in the cup, becuase hes a youngster but it says I need a work permit for him how dod I get this becuase he signed somehow without needing on?
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    Hi guys I have just started a season with chelsea any one know how to play Torres along side Drogba?
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    Need help

    I have downloaded some skins but how do i get the right skins for the right version please help me ---------- Post added at 12:25 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 11:42 PM ---------- anybody please ---------- Post added at 12:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:25 AM...
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    Skin won't work

    Hi i have downloaded a skin extracted it via winrar and it won't come up on FM HELP!! ---------- Post added at 02:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:21 AM ---------- anyone?
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    new patch

    I know this will probably be in another thread, but does any have n idea when the new patch is out, I can't wait and its annoying me that we have to wait ages for it to come out, so does any one know when it's out?
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    just wondering

    Hey guys how do I put a picture underneath my threads like most of you lot have I don't know how to do it? thanks
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    Fifa 11 pro club

    HI guys, does any one have a virtual pro on fifa11 for ps3 that would like to join my team, im looking for any position I already have someone playing as ANY, RS AND CM so if you would like to join then add me on ps3 at: uk-brook-chris or pm me on here thanks
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    blue square north and south

    Hey guys i'm looki for a challenge and i would like to be a Blue square North or South team any recommendations please
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    Hey guys i have jut got QPR promoted to the premiership, now I need some advice from you guys to buy playersto help me stay up.
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    Transfer Deadline Day

    hey guys with it being deadline day who do you think is going where and for how much? and who would you like to see at your club? be realistic