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    Lords of Football

    Lords Of Football In Lords of Football you take on the role of first team manager in a strategic game of exploration, creativity and balancing human resources. For the first time ever the gameplay sees you manage footballers in every aspect of their lives from time out socialising at the pub...
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    Chris Hughton Appointed Birmingham City Manager

    Fantastic signing by our board. Was always out of him and Di Matteo. Glad to see the board listening to the fans, as the majority wanted Houghton as manager. Now we can look forward, and forget the Mcleish to Villa parade, and look to push for promotion. Press conference scheduled for...
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    Installing kits and a skin

    Hi all I tried installing some kits that was created for me and I recently downloaded Steklo's skin. I have copied the respective instructions, but nothing is showing up. Can anyone lend me some advice as to why its not coming up? Thanks in advance.
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    Blues back in for Babel

    According to Sky Sports Birmingham City are back in for Ryan Babel of Liverpool. understands Birmingham are ready to rekindle their interest in Liverpool's Ryan Babel. Birmingham tried to sign Babel during the January transfer window, but failed to agree a deal with Liverpool...
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    Oh the irony

    Dont think this has been brought up, but its brilliant. Take a look at the hoarding behind Rob Green as he makes the mistake for the USA goal.
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    Oldest Player

    Just found Kevin Poole is still playing at the age of 48 years and 242 days old. I was just wondering if any of you had a similar or older age.
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    Custon Kit for Custom Team

    Hi all. Ive created a custon team recently, and it dawned on me to create a kit for them. I created the kit but they do not show. I edited the config file but nothing seems to be happening. Could someone help please, its getting frustrating. This is what my config file reads: <record> <!--...
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    Adding Kits to my Game

    Hi guys. Ive been searching for a while on this but cannot ifind anything that helps. I have created some kits for my game, I just wondered how I would go about in adding them into my game. As I said I cannot, find any relevant help, so if someone could help point me in the right direction, it...
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    Ive recently just downloaded a kit that was specialy made. I have followed the instructions given, to install the kits but nothing is happening. Can anyone plese help. Im going wrong somwhere and I just dont know where. Help!
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    New Genie Scout

    When will the new Genie Scout for the new update be ready? Anyone know any info?
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    Deleted Games

    I know this is going to sound absolutely stupid. I deleted one of my games by accident the other day. Was just wondering if anyone knew how to get them back, if at all possible? Im problem just dumb, but just wondered if anyone could possibly help me. Im not good with all this technical stuff...
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    Bit of a problem

    Ive got a bit of a problem. Ive just got into the Champions League. The rule is I must have 4 home grown players trained by my team. The problem is I only have 2 to select from, with 1 on loan. (Loan has no recall option) Anything I can do or am I screwed? PS I didnt no where to post this so...
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    How to beat Wolves

    Im in the Semi Final of the cup with Birmingham City and im playing wolves. I lost the first leg 2-0. I have played them twice already this season, losing 3-0 and 2-1 Wolves somehow are really hard to beat on the game. Anyone know anyways to improve my chances of winning so I can get to the...
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    Set Piece Coach

    Not sure where to put this, so I put it on here. Im in need of a good Set piece coach .. (Possibly 4 star or more) Any help would be good :) Thanks in advance
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    Best score against one of the big 4

    Just wondered what peoples score was against the big 4. Il start with mine. With Liverpool.. and there traditonal 4-2-3-1 (Thanks to JP Woody) I managed to beat Man Utd 7-2 Feel free to add your scores. Heres a screenshot of the result