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Recent content by bigpimpin

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    Hello , i'm currently creating a 4-2-3-1 tactic with wingers. I have the AMR and AMLs mentality set to attacking but i also need them to defend a fair bit. They don't track back at all! and this is leaving us quite exposed in the middle and leaves opposition wingers isolated with my fullbacks...
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    How to get a player to operate effectively as a defensiv central midfielder

    Hi guys, I know there are a few tactical wizards on here thats why i came here. Basically i am doing a tactical project of flat 4s in midfield in the 4-4-2 and the 4-4-1-1 as these tactics seem to be dying out. I am able to attack succesfully with thses tactics but defensive it seems like i...
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    Adding a hyperlink

    hi i want to insert a link to my tactic as my signature so that everytime i comment on something people can see that link How do i go about doing this?
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    Hulk Neymar or Luis Suarez ? and Why?

    Hi Im Chelsea and i need a striker to play alongside didier in my first season im got enough money but i need multiple opinions on who to get Ive shortlisted it down to hulk neymar and suarez but im not sure who will deliver the most goals alongside drogba . any input will be highly...
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    Fulham Replacements for rubbish players

    hi im fulham in first season and i need ; RB - Not too young , not too old ( pantsils pants) LB - ^^ ( salcido is a better CB) CB - Replacement for aaron hughes ( scored a bag of own goals in preseason) ST - Dembele is good but he will play on the wing and he cant finish 20 1-on-1s to save his...
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    Aston Villa Striker

    Hey am villa , just sold carew and heskey and i need a big mobile clinical striker to partner agbonlahor upfront ive got about £12 Mill to spend .|)
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    City Backup keeper and Starting CB

    I have about 4-7 million to spend on a backup GK for given , enyeama went to parma so hes out of the question , who else can i get? I am willing to spend about 25million on a starting CB as i cashed in on lescott for 18million . who fits the bill?
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    Liverpool LB , CB and CM

    i need a top quality LB sold aurelio and insua CB srktel and agger make too many mistakes and carragher is aging - about 15-20Mill centre Mid- ive got vukcevic but he needs help and by the way if u had torres and aguero up front wat roles and duties will you give them? Cheers in Advance...
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    Chelsea , Top Class ST . Young DMC.

    i need a top quality striker about 40m Young DMC about 6m MC , the moutinho type about 10m young RB bosingwa makes a bagfull of mistakes 6-8m