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    1960s Database - A Near Impossible Feat

    You will probably have seen this before, but for those of you that haven't and those who have: I failed in my attempt to create a 1960s database for Football Manager 2010. I am now planning to do one for Football Manger 2012 and for that reason I am starting very early. The initial tasks will...
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    GCSE - General Revision Thread

    Basically I was wondering if anyone could point out sites, hints and tips on revision for any of the GCSE courses taking place this year. I have currently completed four GCSEs and I am in Year 11. I've got tougher ones coming up like English and the Sciences so any help would be appreciated. To...
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    FA Youth Cup Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Any Information on this? Apparently we (Man Utd) are 2-0 up and 4-3 up on aggregate
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    Teams of the Decade Project: Premier League

    This is basically 25-man squads of each teams best players for the decade for the premier league teams. As a Manchester United fan, I tend to follow what happens at the top of the table but I am unaware what is really happening at the bottom. So in short I would like help in naming a team of 25...
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    Was Welbeck Wrong to Choose England?

    On the 29th of March, 2011. Daniel Nii Tachie Mensah Welbeck ("Danny Welbeck") Made his England senior team debut in a 1-1 draw against Ghana. Before this match, having only played at youth level for England, Danny Welbeck was eligible to play for either Ghana or England. But he accepted a...
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    CA Calculator

    I find it somewhat frustrating when I make a player, but I have to use trial and error to find out the minimum CA I can give to the player without affecting his attributes. It would be nice to have some sort of calculator to ind out the eights and multipliers of each attribute in accordance to...
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    Boss, I think I've found you a Genius! (Player Career)

    Hopefully you would have headed the 'warning' that this isn't a managing story like most, but the following of a player's career. The player is equipped to be a world-beater so expect him to develop into a good player, or turn into a brilliant flop. I think it would be interesting to see where...
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    BrutalZ's Post Match Short Poems

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    Small Question

    It is a bit of a waste creating a thread for a question like this but: Where is the Story section for FM 2011?
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    How do you pronounce Bebe?

    This is regarding Bebe that Man Utd signed. Is it supposed to be: (Bay bay, Beh Beh, or Bee Bee)
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    Anyone know the Manchester United vs Aston Villa Reserves scores...

    Just want to know the score, apparently Bebe was good
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    FIFA vs PES (Let's Settle it!)

    This year I am going to buy both Fifa 2011 and Pes 2011 and put them through rigorous testing in order to prove which is really better. Here I will give details on progress concerning both, which will of course start with the demos. I am just about to download the PES Demo but I would like to...
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    Making Competitions Playable?

    I like managing a national team every now and then, but there are numerous competitions that I can't seem to participate in even if I control all the squads for the nation. Basically I will give the run-down of my problems and I would appreciate it if anyone had some info on this. Managing...
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    "FM-BASE UNITED" Fifa Pro Club (Ps3)

    I am making a pro club on fifa 10 (ps3) specifically aimed at some of the guys on here and as I believe from experience it is an enjoyable aspect of fifa 10. Anyone can join as far as i am aware, but there are a few things i need co-operation on. Matches every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6...
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    Anyone else find the Maths GCSE this Year Easy?

    I found today's GCSE exam really easy but that is a bit worrying as I feel tht I may have missed a few trick questions or something. I was agonising sitting in the hall with nothing to do for 45mins and I am starting to wonder whether I may have lost the plot somewhere during the exam. I am...