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    ive played fms for many years and ive had players who do overhead kicks but ive never seen anywhere what is the required attributes? or is it just experience or technical/physical can anyone learn it ? any positions? or high technique? what makes a player more suited to this ppm?
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    Kit Confusion Helper

    i'm confused about kits. i'm not newb to fm or kits just ive read few threads and i find everybody uses different names for every kind of kits can we agree on particular name/types i think it arises more because some people / editors use different tools - some fmrte, some fmel, some basic...
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    Challenge Crash

    i haven't played in months so i updated all steam games and FM 2014 i never played the challenges so i tried one the avoid relegation challenge i did it by 1 point lol anyways i tried the next challenge Top Division Underdogs -i notice my Steam Fm 2014 Version no. is 14.3.1 but the database...
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    high profile signings???

    the board are happy except withhigh profile signings. what exactly does it mean? ive brought in stars skilles and famous players but they dont seem to qualify for what the board mean??? anyone know anymore? is it rep?
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    my liverpool strikers

    what roles and duties should i play these players to get the most put of them ? Suarez hes only scored 7 for me not half as good in my database as real (havent used lfcmarshalls update db yet,,) Sturridge score 12 in 17 for me Aspas 7 in 9 Shane Long 5 in 4 i have had no luck with false 9s...
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    decent facepacks

    is there any smaller FM 2104 facepacks like just british premier league clubs and champions league fa cup teams players facepacks that arent gbs big! torrent free? as in no torrents id like just bpl and irish premier league surely someone has just mbs size...?
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    FMC Bug

    i just tried my first FMC tyoe game and im in Ireland and looking at a Shelbourne player and i was just trying all the menus looks each button i pressed reports on a players menus and got a error and a crash dump i wonder is that that player/team/ nation bug? hope they fix that quick
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    ai's tactics

    i remember a tactics bible from previous fms that revealed and went into depth about the exact tactics the ai managers utilise in game, has anyone found or got the tactics ai use for FM 2014 yet?
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    I was wondering has anybody made a No Transfers Allowed Challenge? yet? i mean one where all teams and leagues would be froze as they are and no transfers allowed for any team so to keep immersion with every team having their real squads as up to date as possible at start of game? i love FM...
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    bugs crash

    i was accepting loan offers for 3 liverpool players to lower league teams and i got a major run error that popped up and crashed to desktop i save every day so... :)
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    New to FM 2014

    hey i just started my 1st game of FM2014 and im baffled im a top premier team but no matter how much better or money i have all players ive tried to buy the teams accepts offers but the players/agents just keep saying not interested! ? is this because im new manager at start career ?? or is...
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    fulham mid season1 transfer $ woes

    im in 1st season with fulham and finaly resolved got Berabtov and Bent to finaly start scoring. 2 key players though are real problem . Bent whos just stated scoring also and Taarabt one the best performers all season are only on loan but fulham wont allow any money to buy or keep these players...
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    i always start a new fm game with a lesser team to start the season and year 1 off. fulham- i have berbatov and bent and i find only 1 ever scores or plays well at a time no matter how i play them roles etc i find playing Hugo Rodallega with either makes each better.. i can get draws away...
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    NEW Harry Redknapp's NEW BOOK highlights lol

    Harry Redknapp book: The stories behind my maddest transfer deals ever - Paulo Futre, Amdy Faye, Paolo Di Canio and more | Mail Online some of the funnier paragraphs highlighted in the paper recently. lol for some of us old enough to remember some of these players and characters like harry...
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    Pro soccer manager got his start playing video games | For The Win