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Recent content by chuffy

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    overhaul on a budget

    Hi all, Just finished my first season and managed to get ipswich promoted to the prem, which would normally be great but unfortunately the majority of my team are pants and I have a feeling with my current crop of players ill be challenging Derbys record for least points. The board have given...
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    contain/counter tactics?

    Hi all Currently playing as ipswich in the 1st season and at the moment im top of the league by 4 points and am on a 12 unbeaten streak. So it looks like, barring any major f##k ups, ill be getting promoted (approx 10 games left) My concern is that I think only a couple of my players will be...
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    Tactic change for away games?

    Hi all, Just wondered what peoples preferences are towards tactics with away games? Do you have a home tactic and an away tactic? If so are the formations different or just the mentality? The reason I ask is because in fm09 (didn't get fm10) I played the same formation for away games but I...
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    free transfer the wife?

    Anyone got any suggestions on negotiating the "you spend more time on that game than you do with me" conversation which will shortly be rearing its ugly head? Considered a free transfer but it cost an arm and a leg to get her to sign in the first place and she's on far to large of a contact to...
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    sigourney bandjar

    Was having a look around the dutch 2nd division and found this fella, scouts reckon his PA is premiership player, anyone heard of him? Does he get good?
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    (mini) christmas tree oh (mini) christmas tree

    I set up a tactic to test an idea I had about using a lone poaching striker as a tight marker to the opposition slowest centre back. The idea was that if he was close to the centre back when a through ball was played the strikers superior pace would lessen the chance of him being offside and...
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    best role for leigh griffiths?

    Just bought leigh griffiths for ipswich and wondered what role he is best suited to? I play with an amr, amc and an aml with one striker at home and for away games I play with 2 amc's and one striker. Can he operate as a lone striker? Or will I need to move some players around?
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    striker marking centre back?

    Just wondered if anyone has got any opinions on whether this would work: Setting a fast striker who "likes to beat office trap" to tightly mark the opponents slowest centre back? I'm thinking that if the striker is next to the centre back when the through ball is played he would have more...
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    Tackle-shy full backs

    Anyone got any tips on how to make my full backs actually make a tackle? They just seem to jockey the opponents wide players, normally resulting in the wide player finding enough space to cross the ball and me conceding, again. There also seems to be a lot of space left by my full backs which...
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    be nice to the new guy

    Hey all, my name is Matt, I'm 28 and live near ipswich, (and suddenly feel like a game show contestant) I've just bought fm11 and thought I'd check the site out for a few tips as i missed 2010 through being proper addicted to my Liverpool save on 09. Anyway, I look forward to chatting to you...