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    Elliot Grandin - Blackpool

    Name: Elliot Grandin Club: Blackpool D.O.B: 17-10-1987 Nationality: French Position: MC, AMR / AMLC Strengths: Pace, Acceleration, Crossing, First Touch, Passing Weaknesses: Marking, Tackling, Jumping, Heading Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles...
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    Serges Deble

    Starts off on loan at Angers SCO (from Charlton) and improves tremendously over time. Definitely a good buy for any lower league EPL team. Check him out :)
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    Happy New Year!!!

    Greetings (early), everyone, The time now is 12am here and i would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year (some of you might not celebrate) and a Happy Valentine's Day as well. :D
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    cover/stopper or just defend/defend

    despite searching, i couldnt find any thread like this. thus, i've decided to start my own. since i got my fm, i've given my 2 cbs a central defender role, with defend duties. however, im getting increasingly upset with my poor defense in all of my games so far. thus, im thinking of playing...
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    george boateng

    wow, is this a miracle or something? lol :D
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    Which transfer would you reverse if you were the manager?

    hi, this is just for fun. basically the heading says it all. which transfer do you feel had the most negative impact for the team or caused potentially world class players to slip away from their former club. for me, it would have to be FRANCESC FABREGAS. barca made a big mistake in selling him...
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    Who would be the first EPL manager to go?

    In every season, there will certainly be teams changing managers. If i didn't recall wrongly, paul ince was the first to go last season. In my opinion, I feel that rafa benitez could be sacked or he may resign of his own accord. Do share your views here. :D Note: being sacked or resigning are...
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    Do you think Rafa Benitez should be replaced and why?

    No offense to anyone, but after reading so many threads on liverpool and people's views on whether he should be replaced, I have decided to post a thread on this. In my opinion, I feel that he should be replaced as he does not seem able to deliver the EPL to anfield. i see jose mourinho as an...
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    i personally was a leeds fan (still am) since i understood football as i enjoyed watching their youths play in the epl (very very long ago). unfortunately, their status changed dramatically from title challengers to relegation battlers and soon got relegated TWICE. when i was slightly older, i...
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    Player Attributes

    Players have technical and mental attributes. if u can choose only 1 out of the 2, which would u pick? eq. ian ashbee of hull has excellent mental attributes but yet his technical attributes aren't wonderful. paul codrea has good technical attributes but then his mental attributes aren't that...
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    'realistic offers'

    juz wondered if any of u have experienced cases whereby clubs are 4eva interested in ur team's players and yet unwilling to offer more than twice their actual value. think i've posted something like dat b4 regarding the 9.3 patch and i would realli like 2 noe wad would u all do if other teams...
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    player valuations

    sorry to b postin this, but im gettin ****** off by the amount of $ other teams offer for my players in patch 9.2 onwards. for eg. franco zuculini's value is @ $6m and so far others teams offer @ best 11m for him and he's unhappy. im wonderin if it is possible to edit the 9.3 database whereby...
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    tactics help

    hi, i have just installed the 9.3 patch and tried playing with hull city.... unfortunately, most tactics which i have used in the previous games no longer work properly and i find myself having too many off target shots whereas there is no shots on target.. perhaps some1 would like to help me...
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    Banel Nicolita

    just wondering if any1 bought him in the game. he plays 4 steaua by the way and other than his physical attributes, his stats is pure ****!!! but scout reports say he will be a good signing for most premier league sides. seems freakin funny. LOL any suggestions?:D
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    fm 9.2 patch more realistic or sth?

    i realised dat most teams who try 2 bid 4 my players tend to offer twice the their value. when i try negotiating for higher prices, they simply withdraw, leaving me wif unhappy players who no longer perform as well as b4. in the 9.1 patch most players can be sold @ higher prices though.... juz...