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    Debut To Remember?!

    Hey guys just picked up my first "Big Name" signing...3rd season into a Wolverhampton save file i wass offered the Arsenal job which i accepted. Scouting round i thought the money available would be nice if i put it to use somewhere...Welcome to the club Domenico Berrardi. So then what are...
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    Veton Berisha - Help!

    This guy is pretty much the star of my team apart from Leali in goal and Sako on the wing...but he simply isn't performing. He was "ok" for me in the previous season when i wont he championship using him as a false nine, i persisted with him up front on his own in a false 9 but no joy, so i...
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    Struggling after Promotion - Wolves

    Hey guys, Won the championship after a pretty fantastic first season, sold a lot of fringe players and got in some decent players. I was fairly confident that we could make a solid go of avoiding relegation now in the BPL. After a fairly decent start the main highlights being a brilliant 3-0...
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    Biggest Profit Made?

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering what your biggest profit/achievment was in terms of transfers....for example: I got Fran Merida on a free transfer, got promoted to the premiership then sold him to Leeds for 7.5mil which i'm very happy with.
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    Vanarama Premier

    Just started new game as one of my local teams Chester. Wondering if anybody had any tips on staff members, players or just general advice. Cheers in advance
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    Arianit Ferati - Worth Buying

    Currently most of the way through 2nd season with Everton, everything is going very well but stumbled across this guy Arianit Ferati from Stuttgart. For his age the guy has got quite fantastic stats and was just wondering if anybody has experience with him wouold he be worth picking up...
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    Dejan Meleg - Technical Winger

    Club - Ajax Nationality - Serbian Positions - Left Winger / Right Wing, Striker (Screenshot is 2nd Season with AI Manager)
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    Joost Van Aken - Promising Centre Back

    Club - Herenveen Nationality - Dutch Positions - Centre Back, Left (Screenshot is 2nd season with AI Manager)
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    Jesper Drost - Creative Midfielder

    Club - FC Zwolle Nationality - Dutch Positions - Attacking Midfield Centre (Left) / Centre Mid, Left (Screenshot is 2nd Season with AI Manager)
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    Denis Turuc - Adaptable Midfielder

    Club - Go Ahead Nationality - Dutch Positions - Centre Mid / Right,Left Mid / Attacking Mid Left,Right (Screenshot 2nd Season with AI Manager)
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    Daley Sinkgraven - Left Mid/Winger

    Club - Herenveen Positions - Midfielder Left / Centre Mid, Attacking Mid Left/Centre Nationality - Dutch If anybody had any feedback on this player it would be much appreciated as i am currently scouting him. (Screenshot is 2nd season with AI Manager)
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    AI Low Transfers

    Why can the AI purchase players for an absolute pittance when they want full price from me? When i actually get a good cheap price for a player the wage demands are ridiculous but then they go to AI for half of what i offer them....any suggestions?
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    Cheap & High Quality Cb's

    Hi guys on my first save with Everton in the EPL. Got rid of Alcaraz and Distin won't be getting a new contract, leaves me with Stones & Jagielka. Preferably need 2 extra cb's who are pretty cheap as rotation. Struggling to find appreciated. (Ideally British, but if not its ok)
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    Struggling in BPL ith Derby County

    Hey guys, currently in my second season with Derby County and was promoted via the playoffs which shocked me. I began the season in positive spirits adding a fair bit of affordable quality and experience to my team. But after 7 games i have 1 point and to be honest my team don't even look like...
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    2D Graphics Update?!?!

    Anybody else had their 2d graphics get updated by steam automatically, if so whats your thoughts i think they look awful!