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Recent content by DancingChicken

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    What Team Produces The Best Regens?

    Title says it all.
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    2nd Season

    In my second season with stoke and i finished 6th last season. Need a RB, RM, ST, GK To be honest a whole squad so any suggestion will be great.
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    Started a stoke game and have a few strikers to choose from. Griffiths, Donovan, Jones, Gudjohnson, Tuncay. And I play 1 up top and 1 in CAM position as a Trequartista. Cheers. Right now im playing with Griffiths (poacher) and Donovan (Trequartista)
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    Where can I improve ??

    Right, you put down your team and others suggest where it can improve. I'll start it off. This is a format but it's not too strict. You don't need the whole squad just the players you use quite alot. Leeds United. Season 2010/2011. Goalkeeper's: K.Schmeichel, Tony Sylva. Right-Backs: Kurt...
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    Full Back's

    Need a Right and Left back for spurs. Willing to spend about 12 million pounds overall. Cheers.
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    Santos. SOO many good youth players.

    I've started a season with Santos and they have soo many good youth players. Should I keep them all and have a wonderful team in 2 to 3 years or sell sell sell and get lots of transfer money. The players are the likes of Neymar, Paulo Henrique, Alan Patrick, Zezinho, Tiago Alves etc.
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    Football Manager 2012 New Features You Would Like to See

    Would this be an idea for the football manager. When players celebrate it depends what mood they are in with the manager. i.e. If they are really happy with you they run up to the bench. If they are not happy and they have hardly got a game they point to their name on the shirt. OR If its a...
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    Don't you just love Man City ??

    Anyone else love Man City ??? So many big names and great players end up being in their reserve team after a couple of years then you can snap them up:) The only problem is their massive wages. Any one else find this ??
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    £4.5 Mil Budget

    Start of the 2010/2011 season. Just took the Rangers job. Any suggestions ?? Just any position. Cheers .
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    What Should I do ??

    I'm managing England and it's 01/06/2011. I just got offered the rangers job but i don't know whether to : 1. Take it along with the England job 2. Take just the Rangers job 3. Decline it and get a club job after the Euro's.