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Recent content by dannyrefc

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    Does anyone miss the old days?

    just looking through my old thread and some tactics i used to use, jp woodys famous simple tactics with literally no team instructions haha. raikans tactics etc, gone are the days of a nice simple fun to play game!. imagine making a tactic now with no TI's
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    struggling with only commentary

    really struggling , i use only comm and feel if i need to change ill lose my motivation to play as this is how ive always played and dont like watching the games! cant seem to get a win at the moment
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    cant make anything work!

    well i am really struggling on this version and i wouldnt say im unhappy i was at first now i find it interesting and a learning curve haha. i have mentioned before i dont watch matches i just only commentary but i have played the game enough years to have an idea what will happen and what...
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    crash dump? need help!

    the past three nights i have had 'crash dump' the name of it i think is ''FM 2016 v16.1.1.740934 (2015.12.04 07.48.59).dmp'' i have got this twice, i have played fine for couple of hours both times and never had problems before, i dont know if it is a coincidence but i have noticed these while...
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    do skins slow fm16 game down ?

    if i add a skin will it affect my game speed ?
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    do skins slow fm16 game down ?

    if i install a different skin will it slow my game down? it already isnt the fastest due to being on a standard laptop
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    Everton....anyone playing as them?

    hello lads, is anyone playing as everton? how do the finances turn out and transfer budgets once the tv money kicks in? been tempted to go them but the injuries and the 2mil budget is putting me off
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    only commentary

    any old school players still using only commentary ? if you used to and not now why have you changed to watching? i personally still prefer only commentary as thats how ive always played the game from the early days
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    How Do You Use The ProZone Analysis

    i would like to know how other FMers are using the prozone analysis to your benefit how are you using it to alter your tactics and see what needs changing and what is working please comment your advice on analysing games and tactics as i myself would love more advice and im sure it would help...
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    How do you play/watch matches ?

    just out of curiosity how will you be playing each match on the new fm? i read on forum people saying theyve had the game for less than 24 hours and they are a few seasons in! do you watch in extended 3d or 2d or key or only commentary as i will be wanting to watch games and cant see me doing...
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    Club logos not showing up premier league only

    so i installed a club logos pack just for the premier league which worked fine but i have since decided to delete the folder from graphics as it was causing a bit of lag, since doing this none of the premier league teams have a logo? i am wanting the default shield logos back but it is just a...
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    does the latest update contain jan transfers?

    does the latest 15.3.1 contain all the latest transfers as my lfcmarshall database is bugged and not sure if i even still need to use it as i only do for latest transfers ?
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    Installed real name fix - some injuries showing in different language , HELP!

    hello, i am not sure if this is real name fix related but i have only noticed it since installing this, some injuries to players are showing the injury name in different language all looks the same language, how can i fix this ?
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    new tv deal ?

    just a quick one, cannot find nothing on the forum about it, is the new premier league tv deal now included in the game ? and will it benefit us?
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    Reverting back to commentary only!

    hello, since the older cms and fms i was always a com only type player for quickness but have recently gone to watching in key/extended due to wanting to see tactics etc but i find this game their is absaloutly no point! atleast 3-4 errors per game for example players running away from ball...