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    Just how low can the lower leagues go

    Simple enough question but now that the game is live and the editor is now available, I was wondering just how low down the leagues in Spain and England can go? I have a personal interest in a specific Spanish team after purchasing my season ticket for a grand total €35 quid (I'm Irish so...
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    A new challenge

    Growing pretty bored of my old save so open to suggestions to a new creative challenge. Currently trying to have Ben Woodburn break Liverpool league goal scoring record. A few that spring to mind are: Paris French only - Simple really only can sign French players or homegrown Paris players...
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    is it cheating to...

    Hi Guys, Just wanted your thoughts and opinions on starting a game during Brazilian pre season (November 2015) when you are picking a European team. Do you think it's cheating? I personally do it when I start a save as I get 6 months to get my staff and players training so when I hit pre...
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    Chinese Super League or MLS? Old dogs retirement home

    Simple enough topic. Having loaded both the Chinese Super League and MLS into my main save I was wondering which is the better League for bringing older players in. Obviously china has loads of money (seen several €50m+ transfers) but the only players who seem to want to transfer are African...
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    Not sure if Glitch or not - Issue with player transfer listed by request HELP PLEASE

    Hi everyone, not sure if its a glitch or not but hoping someone can help. So Coutinho wanted to leave for Barcelona and no matter what I done couldn't stop him being unhappy they made a bid which i rejected so he got annoyed about the broken promise but this is where it gets interesting. The...
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    Adam Ounas - Bordeaux

    Admittedly I didn't know much about this guy until a scout report came in and I decided to check him out on FM16 and he was decent but this year he could be my first purchase on any career. Bought him for €15m at the start of the second season with Liverpool and hopefully he will develop into a...
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    Gabigol (Gabriel Barbosa)

    We all know and love him from FM16 and he made his big move to Italy with Inter Milan but is unavailable due to non EU rules which you can thank Caner Erkin for even though hes with Besiktas... So basically can you get him available in the first season? If not can you loan him out?
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    In Game matches running very slowly

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can help. Been playing away on FM16 and when I go into a game the game itself is slow, laggy and unresponsive. There is no smooth movement at all. I play using the 2D match engine to speed up gameplay. My brother has also been experiencing similar issues and he uses...
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    Liverpool Transfer Update Top Heavy Rock n Roll Tactic

    Hi guys, So as a final push in FM16 I wanted to start as my beloved Liverpool using some of the transfer updates here to get a feel for them for FM17. I have had success playing a 4-2-3-1 formation previously with Liverpool but given they are so top heavy with attacking options (so many AM's)...
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    Tic Tac Tics and Player Roles

    Hi guys, So having played FM 16 a lot using only a standard 4-2-3-1 or a plug and play 4-4-2 I found it difficult to stay the pace of any save and last more than a season or 2. The enjoyment I got from FM 15 came from a slightly quirky tactic that I stumbled into. A 3-4-2-1 using a Shadow...
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    Achievement Hunters

    Hi everyone, After finishing up on my 10 seasons with Benfica and the completion of my first ever story here The Premier League Draft, I decided to start hunting down the achievements available through Steam. Just wondering does anyone play the game just to get these achievements unlocked? Like...
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    Shaking it up - Premier League Full Fantasy Draft 5 Year Simulation

    A New Direction for Premier League In a shocking turn of events, the Chairman of the FA Greg **** has resigned immediately from his post. Citing a lack of love for the game and the ever increasing pressures of money as reasons, Mr. **** handed in his resignation and the FA have already made a...
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    Fantasy Draft

    Hi all, Just wondering what you think of this idea for a database. A fantasy style draft for say the 4 major leagues where each top division team receives a draft pick. As a programmer I could write a computer program to determine who gets which number and then who they pick. Obviously this...
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    A Blast from the Past, Return of the CM Wonderkids

    Welcome to my attempt number 2 at a story here on FM Base. Having grown tired of many many saves and as it approaches the new season and Euros, I recently discovered my old CM4 disk and it took me back down memory lane with some of the legendary Wonderkids from the game so I decided to quickly...
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    Thoughts on Youth Intake/Academy

    Hi everyone, So was toying around with trying to find the best possible coaches for my youth teams to help develop youngsters to the full of their abilities and a thought occurred to me. What are the key components to gaining a good youth intake? So my questions are: 1)What do you find is...