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    Pre-Season start date?

    Simple question, is there any way to change the date of the start of your pre-season after you've already selected a date? When given the option I picked the 6 week pre-season as I usually do, starting on July 3rd. Then about a week after this I am told that my Leicester City side that...
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    Playing with a lead

    Basically I was just wondering how you guys go about your tactics when you are in the lead. How do you grind out those 1-0 victories late in a game. Or if you blitz the opposition early for a couple, how do you react? I ask because of my recent experience. I've been reading some of Cleons...
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    Player unhappy with squad depth?

    At the end of the second season/start of the third season I took over Wigan in the Championship. They are in a lot of financial trouble so straight away I was way over my wage budget and given no transfer budget. I let alot of big contract players be released eg Scott Carson on like £23K/week...
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    Replacement for Rafael

    So basically I'm at the start of the 3rd season and I am manager of Manchester United. Barcelona have sold Dani Alves and so are looking at my Rafael as a replacement. I tried to convince him to stay but he became unhappy because I rejected a bid from Barcelona. I don't want unhappy players who...
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    2011 US PGA Championship

    Atlanta Athletic Club, Highlands Course Johns Creek, Ga. FIELD: 156 players (five amateurs) PURSE: $7.5 million ($1.35 million to the winner) CUT: Top 70 and ties and anyone within 10 strokes of the leader after 36 holes. PGA Championship Preview: A look at Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and more...
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    Donnelly1's BaM - Gameplay & Discussion Thread

    This is where my BaM will commence. I will post updates as regularly as I can in 1 season intervals. I have loaded: England: Blue Square Premier Spain: Second Division B Italy: Serié B France: National Germany: 3.Liga The Final list of participants along with their starting clubs...
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    Donnelly1's BaM- Sign-up Thread

    I was involved in Danny's BaM but it unfortunatly crashed and had to be stopped so I have decided to create my own. For those that don't know BaM stands for Be a Manager. I am looking for around 10-15 active members to paticipate. You will chose your own starting club but you can not select...
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    Genie Scout Help please

    I have Genie Scout downloaded and use it at the start of every season to spot young stars. So here is my really annoying problem, on GS I have found an amazing regen with a PA of 200! But when I go and search him in-game he isn't there and when I look at his club that GS says he is at, he isn't...
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    Intercepted Crosses

    As you can see from the screen shot most of my crosses are being intercepted. I am playing as Norwich so I am looking for good supply to Grant Holt the Target man of my team. I am asking for advice on how to get more completed crosses. Any help will be much appreciated. My wingers are Surman...
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    No transfers!

    sorry if this is in the wrong section.:S i am starting a new game with LFCMarshall's january update. i am going to holiday till the game is at the same date as IRL. i will then use FMRTE to edit the league table so it is the same as IRL. so to my problem. is there a way to stop all the...
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    Who can replace Scholes?

    With Van der Sar retiring at the end of the season and Giggs almost certain to go on at least 1 more season what is the situation with Scholes? Whenever Scholes does decide to retire Man United will need to replace him. But who will replace Scholes in the centre of United’s midfield? Is there...
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    Train weak foot?

    I was just wondering if it is possible to make a player work on his weaker foot? So instead of "left only" they will be "left" or even "either" for example. I am asking because i like playing my left winger as an inside forward. But my best left winger is "left only" so he is useless cutting...
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    Mann United- When?

    i was just wondering on peoples views on Man United's form. they are unbeaten in the league. still in the FA cup and the Champions League. people will agree they haven't been playing their best. Some say this team can't go in to that next gear like the uniteds of old. An unlikely treble may be...
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    Tevez- box to box?

    has anyone ever trained him there?oO) if so does he play well? i was wondering because in my formation i have torres as my lone striker so i need to fit in tevez. his stas are mostly good for a box to box midfielder except his marking ( as seen below);) so do you think it could work? could he...
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    Maradona coming to England?

    Maradona has said that "In February I will be travelling to England to listening to a formal proposal from a team from there who wants to talk to me." I dont know how much truth their is in this story but what are your thoughts on Maradona potentially managing in the premier league. Reports...