Maradona coming to England?

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Jul 17, 2010
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Maradona has said that
"In February I will be travelling to England to listening to a formal proposal from a team from there who wants to talk to me."
I dont know how much truth their is in this story but what are your thoughts on Maradona potentially managing in the premier league.

Reports in Argentina claim the club in question is fulham.,19528,11661_6648308,00.html
Yeah, heard loads of rumours about it. The team is reportedly either Fulham or Blackburn, will be brilliant to have here, wouldn't want him at my club as manager though!
i know imagine both him and ian holloway at the same press conference:D
I think just having him has manager is enough motivation to play well.

But he is rubbish tactically speaking.
I think he'd be a great coach or maybe assistant manager, but not as manager just yet. He did well with Argentina, but you only have to look at the quality of the players to see why. Just don't think he's ready just yet to be a manager in the Prem
he doesn't have the tactical mind of mourinho or ferguson but he has an aura about him.
would be a great motivator.
Why doesn't he try his hand in Argentina?
Maradona was great at taking the media attention away from his players, to say the least!
If he went anywere it would most likely be Rovers, can't see Fuhlam gettin rid of Hughes already?! Meh, it's football, who knows.
Hire him to be an *** man and do all the press conferences and wait for him to do summit funny (like his reaction to being asked if he way gay XD)
I think one of the best things about him is that he'd be able to attract quality players, but I do seriously doubt his tactics, so I could only see him going to a side who'll give him money to spend.
I'm fairly sure he would want a much more profile job than with a league 1 team.

Thank God, wouldn't want him as our manager in a million years :)
[ame=""]YouTube - Diego Maradona: "I am NOT GAY"[/ame]
It won't be Blackburn, they're offering that assistant manager or whoever he is the job.

Could well be Fulham if things don't improve..
Why doesn't he try his hand in Argentina?
He did...

He started at Mandiyu de corrientes where he won only 1 of his 12 games in charge, drawing 6 and losing 5 at the same time.

He then went to top club racing again not lasting long. He manages 11 games with the argentinian giants winning 2, losing 6 and drawing 3.

God help whoever gets him
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