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    Creating Custom Competition Help!?

    Hi everyone, I had an idea for a competition that I would like to put in the game but I am hopeless when it comes to the editor. My basic idea is a tournament at the end of the domestic seasons in Europe. Similar to the Champions League where in pot 1 the winners of the top 6 leagues qualify...
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    26 Level Brazilian Database

    I have seen quite a few mentions of this 26 level Brazilian database but i can't find the link for it? Does anybody have one that they can share please? Thankyou, Fm1063
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    Quick editing job?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if someone could edit this database (fifa world league) to make it so every player is a free agent? I'm not sure how long it will take or if there is a quick method to do it, i'm hopeless with editing though sorry. Many thanks, Fm1063
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    New ideas?

    Does anyone have any ideas of a fun challenge or team that can last a long save? Now it is around the end of the season time, i am finding it easier to get bored of Football Manager saves rather quickly :/ and so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas? Yes, this is a "Which team should i be?"...
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    Future Save?

    Hello all, Just wondering, does anyone have a saved game in the future that i could download? Don't mind how far in the future but preferably 2030+? Cheers, FM1063
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    Skin not appearing?

    I have downloaded this skin and i have put it in the right place but it does not appear in the interface tab on preferences. Another skin which i have downloaded and put in the same place appears but for some reason this one doesn't? Any help is much appreciated, Thanks, FM1063
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    FMC 2018+

    Just wondering, has anyone got a saved game for FMC which is in the year 2018 or anytime further? If so could it please be shared? :) Thankyou, FM1063
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    New Game please?

    Could anyone please give me a saved game of theirs that is in the years 2014/15+ ? I want to start a game, starting a few years into it but i know it takes a while to holiday, so i wondered if someone could just give me one? Cheers, FM1063
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    New Laptop

    Gonna get a new laptop still undecided, any ideas? Cheers, FM1063
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    Fifa 12 Winter Update Bug

    Hello all, I have the latest winter update for Fifa 12 but when i start a new career mode there is 2 of every player that has been improved (it leaves the old one in career mode as well as updated version). I was just wondeirng how i could get rid of this!? Many thanks, FM1063 P.S. It is fine...
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    Alex Smithies 2nd Season

    I am Huddersfield 2nd season, I won the league 1, JPT and Carling Cup. i have had a complete refurbishment for the Europa League and I am no longer needing Alex Smithies, so I was wondering how much could i sell him for? thanks, FM1063 ^^)
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    4-5-1 Couple

    hello all, i have made 2 tactics for my huddersfield team and i was jsut wondering if some1 could please test them? there is an attacking one and a counter attackign one. if you want screenshots or anything just ask...
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    Favourite Thing to do in Football Manager?

    I was just wondering what is everyone's favourite thing to do on football manager? Is it transfers, watching the matches, etc. Personally my favourite thing is Transfers :P!
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    What's the Difference?

    This might sound very dumb but what is the difference between an X and a D in recent results because they both means Draw? XD
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    A Bit of Fun

    Is anyone looking to do a network game? jsut a bit of fun? on lfc marshalls update 11.3