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    FM Base iPod/iPhone App

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was just on my iPod touch and just thinking it would be cool if this site had an app that you could download for your iPhone or touch to access the forum. Now I don't know if it costs to create an app and I bet it would be hard to create but it's just a...
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    Beckham Out of the World Cup?

    I just heard that David Beckham could be out of the World Cup as he has apparently picked up a damaged achilles tendon according to Sky Sports News. He was taken off in AC Milan's game against Chievo and looked in pain. I must say if it is as bad as it sounds I feel sorry for him because I...
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    Claudio Marchisio

    Brilliant player. I've got him with my Juve team and he is so important to the team. Has anyone had him, bought him etc. Here's a screenshot of him in my game.
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    I want him in January not in the summer

    I don't get this. I'm currently Atletico Madrid and I want to sign Jack Rodwell from Barca, but when I make a bid it only allows me to sign him in the summer window, but I want him in January, but when I make a bid for Keita it allows me to sign him in January. I don't understand is it something...
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    Kicking the Ball Out of Play

    Does this happen on anyone's game that when you kick the ball out of play when someone is injured on your team or the opposing team that the opposition don't give you the ball back, instead attack as normal, the same happens when they kick the ball out for an injured player from your team...
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    Carbon Logos - Where are they?

    Where are the Carbon Logos? They use to be on the site, but they are gone. I think they are called C&T's Carbon Logos. I've searched on other sites, but there is an updated pack out. Anyone? ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 07:24 PM ---------- I've...
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    Alejandro Domínguez

    You can always pick up this guy at the beginning of the game as his contract expires in December. although you have to pay £1.6 million. Anyway what's he like?
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    Save Games Thread

    In this thread people can upload there saved games if that's alright with the mods. So basically if you want to share your saved games, (the one's where you have been manager in not holidayed through the season or whatever) this is the place feel free to share. Uploaded games so far: Newcastle...
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    Nicolas Otamendi

    This guy is a must buy and turns out as one of the best CB's in the game. You can also get him quite cheap on loan at the beginning of the game his stats say it all.
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    I was thinking about buying him. Has anyone bought him or whatever and what is he like? This Sandro. The one Spurs are apparently interested in real life. I guess they will get him as they are a parent club to Internacional. Cheers.
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    Fedrico Vilar GK

    If anyone is looking for a cheap experienced keeper this is the guy you want. His attributes are very good and he can be a commanding presence in your team. He usually costs about £1.8m and turns out to be very good. Check his stats out below for me.
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    Saving/Missing Penalties

    This is no exaggeration from me. I haven't seen one penalty saved/missed in normal time since I've been playing FM and I've been playing the game in total for around 50 hrs + and of course using different teams. The only time I have ever seen a penalty saved is either during a penalty shootout...
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    Paybacks a B****h

    Remember last season when Barca humilated Madrid by beating them 6-2 at the Bernabeu. Well...... I'm Madrid by the way.
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    Buying a Player Out Of Contract

    How do you buy a player out of contract. When I go to the players information screen it doesn't give me the option of approach to sign only make an offer. Any Ideas?
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    Sega Keita

    I tried looking for him on the Players thread with all the wonderkids and there PA. Can someone tell me if he is on the demo of FM10. He plays for Troyes in France and is 17 Years Old. He's meant to be a talented player I just wondered if he was on the new FM. Thanks.