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    The Drifter - an Intercontinental Adventure

    For this new pentagon challenge, I am going back to basics. Just as my first ever story, I will be writing monthly updates of my progress, althought they will probably have to be shorter. So, The Pentagon - the aim is to start unemployed with a sunday league reputation, and win the Champions...
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    The Call of the Wild - An Intercontinental Adventure

    For a third year, I am attempting to conquer the Pentagon. If you don't know, this is winning the Champions League in each of the five main continents, starting unemployed with Sunday League reputation. The new season brings a whole host of new clubs waiting to be managed, and hopefully this...
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    Managing an international team with no players

    Four years into my unemployed game, I have been offered the job of Bahrain manager... except there are not enough players in the national pool to field a starting XI, and as yet there are no grey players (on last year's game the team would have been unmanageable). So I was wondering if anybody...
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    Cristian Ortiz - Huracan

    Name: Cristian Ortiz Club: Huracan (on loan at Racing de Montevideo) D.O.B: 20.8.1992 Nationality: Argentinian Position: Strengths: Dribbling Acceleration Flair Passing Crossing Weaknesses: Heading Determination Jumping Strength Description: Promising midfielder Personality: Balanced...
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    Formia's Fantasy Kit Pack Thread

    Formia's Fantasy Kit Pack Thread Here I will be posting up fantasy kit packs for different leagues. All kits will be in the FB style. I will be posting some examples as I make the packs, and once they are finished they will be available to download in this post by clicking on the league name...
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    The Pentagon - An Intercontinental Adventure

    Following on from my story from last year, which can be found here, I have set myself the same goal. I have started unemployed with former Sunday league footballer reputation, and will attempt to win all five Champions League competitions. I will be using only my own tactics, and trying to be...
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    Dave Gorman

    After seeing Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure on TV a while ago, I discovered this brilliantly funny man. I then saw his America Unchained, where he attempted to travel from the West coast of America to the East coast giving money only to independant businesses. Now I have almost finished...
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    Massimo Kit Request Thread

    This is a request thread purely for my fantasy brand 'Massimo', and so I will not create kits for any other brands, or replicate real kits. For examples of what I can do with non-FM templates, see my blog. Please use the following template when requesting kits: Team: Unique ID (If needed)...
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    Gallas signs for Tottenham

    According to Sky Sports, former Arsenal captain William Gallas will have a medical at rivals Spurs on Friday. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6323987,00.html It is bound to be controversial, but the performance against Young Boys proved the need for an experienced centre half...
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    I was just browsing the Belgian league, and came across this attacking midfielder, Bavon Tshibuabua. I don't have any experience with him, and there are tons of good attacking midfielders, but he looks like a decent prospect.
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    FC St.Pauli

    Having noticed that this interesting club are about to play in the Bundesliga, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with them. And if so any tips on players etc. I reckon it would be an interesting challenge trying to make them a German giant.
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    Marco Antonio Palacios

    After reading this story http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f81/brace-myself-and-let-go-start-it-over-again-in-t41380.html where somebody reccomended him, I decided to look the guy up. You have to have the Mexican league loaded, but he looks fantastic. I reckon you could get him for £5m.
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    Guatemalan Regens

    I was considering starting a game with Guatemala, and I was just wondering if there were specific countries which would produce Guatemalan regens. Or is it 100% random how clubs produce foreign players from their academies?
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    Global Domination - an Intercontinental adventure

    Having already played one season and really enjoyed it, I have decided to keep you all updated with my game and hope you also enjoy it. Starting unemployed with sunday league reputation, I have one aim: win every major continental club competition in the world (UEFA Champions League, African...