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    Friel09- Huddersfield Town Story

    Huddersfield Town Story As some of you may know I attempted a Huddersfield sory early in January but lost interest in this but I now want Huddersfield to be the first team on FM10 that I lead from a lower league into the Top Division of there respective countries. Unknown manager...
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    International Team With Best Striking Options

    I was just looking at Argentina's team thats playing Germany and they have Higuain and Messi starting up front but unbelievably still got Aguero, Tevez and Milito on the bench. Also Spain's midfield options are impecabble even if Xavi and Iniesta are injured they've still got Xabi Alonso...
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    All Round The Friels Of Anfield Road

    Today Liverpool directors Tom Hicks and George Gillett have announced the sacking off Rafa Benitez (full story below) Shock rings out on Merseyside today as Liverpool announce unknown lad Kyle Friel as there new manager (full story below) New Liverpool manager has highlighted the...
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    Longest Game Time

    What's the longest Game Time you have on a save????
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    Derby v Newcastle

    i dont know whats going on at Pride Park, i had the chance to go to this match but i let my brother go instead, but now i wish i didn't and derby are ''''''winning''''''' 3-0
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    screenshots not showing up

    none of the screenshots are showing up on my Forest Green story is this the same for anyone else
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    Through the Forest off league football, then onto the beuatiful Green of the Prem!!

    Today Forest Green Rovers chairman Trevor Horsley has today announced the shock appointment of unknown, former Sunday League player Kyle Friel as manager just hours after former manager David Hockaday left due to personal reasons. Fans gathered outside Forest Green's stadium to meet their new...
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    Any Good Training Schedules

    Does anyone have any good training schedules and if you have could you upload them please!! (H)
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    Friel09 Story-Restoring The Pride Back Into Pride Park

    Crowds of angry Derby County fans surrounded Pride Park today as they heard that fan-favuorite Nigel Clough has been sacked after an unsuccessful 4 month's in charge of Derby. One fan said 'It's disrepectful he was only here since January and has not been given the rub of the green in terms...
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    Taking The Terriers Up And Beyond

    Huddersfield History: Huddersfield Town Football Club is an English football club formed in 1908 and based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They currently play in League One. Nicknamed The Terriers, their mascot is Terry the Terrier. The club traditionally plays in a blue and white vertically...
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    Should I Continue My Sporting Story?

    Should I continue my Sporting CP story, 'cause i might stop because I have won every competition i have been in. Liga Sagres 2009/2010 and 2010 2011 Uefa Champions League 2009/2010 and 2010 2011 Portuguese Cup 2009/2010 Portuguese League Cup 2010/2011 Portuguese Super Cup 2009/2010 Well...
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    Managing 2 teams at a time

    how come you can't manage 2 teams at a time im currently managing sporting cp and im trying ot take the bosnia job and they offer it me but it don't say im there manager after doesnt matter then x factor
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    Miles Addison

    Did anyone watch the Newcastle v Derby match? Miles Addison was awesome Newcastle strikers couldn't get a look in against him. He's been capped by the England U'21's and I think one day he can play for England. Give your thoughts Follow My Sporting CP Story HERE!! FM10 TO DO...
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    The Football League Show

    I've just finsihed watching the Football League Show and the Football Manager 2010 got mentioned. Did anyone watch it? Or has anyine watched a different football related show where \fm10 has been mentioned Follow My Sporting CP Story HERE!! FM10 TO DO LIST!!! SPORTING CP ATHLETICO BILBAO...
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    Kickz Project

    have any of the fellow fm base members ever heard of Kickz and go to any projects around the country. It is a project run by teams like man utd chelsea northampton millwall etc