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    A Journeyman Challenge

    I wasn't really sure which section to put this in, apologies if it's in the wrong place. So, I've set myself a bit of a tough challenge, and I thought I'd share it with the online community to see if anyone else wants to give it a try. I have to admit, in recent years I've struggled to get...
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    There is no problem uploading something useful that cannot be found elsewhere, and although taking credit for someone else's work is wrong, it's something that happens all the time. I can even look past that, although consider if it was your own work - hours of time and effort stolen or...
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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    I can't believe that you have the audacity to request donations from plagiarised work. Shameful and not in the spirit of SI's intentions when releasing an editor for their game.
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    Player Balance

    What is your interpretation of the balance attribute? I've seen it described as: 'How well a player is able to stay steady on his feet, both with the ball when running at and evading opponents, and without the ball when facing opponents running at him as well as when turning and jumping.'...
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    Home Tweet Home

    Home Tweet Home - an epic journey ___________________ One managerial rookie, fresh from the production line of St George's. One lifelong ambition; to manage his nation to glory. And a myriad of obstacles in his path. ___________________ Firstly, let me introduce a number of key...
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    I've not played FM13 much at all since it's release, not because it's too difficult or too easy, and not because it's unrealistic. It is the closest I'll ever be to a football manager...until next year's release, at least. The catchy, attention grabbing title doesn't make this another...
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    Echte Liebe ~ A German Love Affair

    Echte Liebe : "True Love" ______ The nineties had been a golden era for German football, it's national team triumphant in both a World Cup, and European Championship. Bayern, the country's sweetheart, had joined Schalke in adding the Uefa Cup, while loosening thier stranglehold of the nation's...
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    HTML Coding

    Does anyone have any experience in HTML coding and the patience to help an absolute newbie? I'm really struggling to get any kind of scroll to an element going, and any that do work are only temporary as the page reverts back to the home page seconds after it scrolls to the element. I've got...
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    Let There Be Light

    Let There Be Light - Counter Attacking Excellence by Fuelledbypassion ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Reality hurts... I have been playing the Football Manager series since the dark ages, from the days of the simplistic yet addictive...
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    'Golazo' by FuelledByPassion

    'Golazo' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHXfHFNlJ_w 'Golazo' is the famous Italian phrase coined by Italian legend Jose Altafini, which he translated as a 'beautiful goal'. It is a phrase that I believe describes this tactic perfectly. Defensively, the tactic leaves a lot to be desired -...
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    From Borussia With Love

    From Borussia With Love Chapter I - The Bitter Sweet Symphony The skies opened as Klopp fumbled around for his house key, stumbling inside and crashing to the floor in a rain-soaked, contorted heap. The weather was indicative of his mood, although the stench of alcohol served well to mask it...
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    The Dragon's Dane

    This is a little different to the stories that I usually attempt, but I thought I'd try my hand at a short fm story that utilises skills other than writing. I'm planning to have my managerial career followed and transcribed by the national media, allowing me to try my hand at some basic graphic...
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    Legend Auction Game

    I've decided to host another auction game, similar to the one I did last year, but with a few unique twists. It will be played using a created database of both past and present football legends, including Worldwide legendary players and club icons. Special Rules: * Squads must consist of...
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    Legend Database Facepacks

    I'm currently creating a legend facepack and was hoping for feedback and anyone willing to help out. I'm basically looking for anyone to point me in the direction of any renders of past or present football legends, or help out with creating the renders for me to use. I'd prefer to have the...
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    The Complete Legend Database Thread

    The Complete Legend Database Thread leg·end [lej-uh'nd] noun 1. a. One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame. ---b. One who very many people know about and admire. 2. a. An unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical...