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    Glasgow Rangers - A New Era

    Rangers board make shock announcement Rangers fans were left in disbelief today as unknown manager Gary Bernard was announced as there new first team manager. Fans gathered to let the board know of their discontent and to hear what their new manager had to say about the task in hand. Bernard...
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    World Cup Betting Game

    World Cup Virtual Betting Game Start off with 1000 Pound New Players always welcome Minimum bet 10 Pound If you are inactive for 4 days you lose 300 Pound Good Luck Leaderboard GazaLaad (2000) - Russia(2000) Average Joe (1245) - AkinfeevSpecial([email protected]/1) DMF (600) LiverpoolLad...
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    Blackburn - Back to the top

    Blackburn appoint Bernard After the disastrous reign of Steve Kean which saw there team get relegated many fans of Blackburn were glad to see the back of him. But now another virtually unknown Scottish manager, Gary Bernard has been given the task of returning them to the Premier League where...
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    Virtual Betting Game

    Play Now http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/gaming/104323-virtual-betting-game.html#post1582382
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    Virtual Betting Game

    Virtual Betting Game Start off with £1000 See if you can top the leader board New Players always welcome Minimum bet £10 If you are inactive for two weeks you lose £500 Leaderborad Jamo456 - £11,890 dstar2010 - £6060 StoddyRope 3666 - £5825 Kezza96 - £2990 fuelledbypassion - £2000...
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    Garys Betting Game

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    The other Munich

    New owners sack Maurer 1860 Munich's new Jordanian owner Hasan Abdullah Ismaik has decided to terminate the contract of Reiner Maurer as they look to get 1860 back into the Bundesliga for the first time since 2004. There is no word on who will replace Maurer yet but the favorites include ex...
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    Using Facebook through Fm2012

    How do you use facebook on fm 2012?
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    Crashes on startup

    Can anyone help me... When I load the game it crashes before I even get to the start screen?? I have tried verifying the game files on steam but its still not working :(
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    Sports Interactive Folder

    Downloaded using steam and the game does not appear in Sports Interactive folder??? Can anyone help thanks...
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    Can you view the league table on a week by week basis after you are into a season??

    As title says???? Thanks Home - Crawley Town Fc
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    I have a thread that I had a poll on and now that time span on that poll has run out and I cant seem to make another one is this possible? Cheers ---------- Post added at 04:50 AM ---------- Previous post was yesterday at 02:08 AM ---------- Anybody? lol
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    Gary's Betting Game

    Would anyone be interested in trying to get this started again... PM me if yes Cheers
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    Glasgow Rangers Team Guide

    Rangers team guide (Patch 11.3) Starting Budget £0 Wage Budget Remaining £0 Goal Keepers Allan McGregor Neil Alexander You have two great keepers here and both are by far good enough for the SPL standard. McGregor should be first choice and its up to you if you sell Alexander for a younger...
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    Dynamo Kiev

    Anyone done a save with Kiev? Was thinking about it but is it too easy or can they really challenge in Europe in first couple of seasons? And if you know whats there starting budget on 11.3? Cheers