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Recent content by GregorConnor

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    Unhappy with training workload

    Sometimes when I place youth players on a training schedule my staff tell me the current workload is too much for them, any ideas how to just change their workload not the whole schedule for the position? Or do I have to make a new schedule for them? Any help appreciated :)
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    7 Star Coaches?

    Anyone got any 7 star coaches they could reccomend?
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    Windowed mode?

    Hi guys, recently my pc broke and I had to send it away to be fixed. Its came back completley wiped :( I had to reinstall fm and its reinstalled the new updated version. When I go into prefernces>display and sound, I can't click on the windowed option! Anyone know how I can make it work? Cheers :D
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    Work Permit

    I was trying to sign a player recently but his application for a work permit was turned down, although he was still allowed to join my club. Does anyone know when he'll be granted a work permit? Cheers :)
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    Man Utd trouble

    Right, I'm Man U in my third season. Won the Premier league in the two previous seasons and the community shied ect, but now in my third season its all gone downhill. Getting bet by Tottenham at home, panathanikos at home and generally not playing well. Heres my team ...
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    Christian Maggio

    Thought i'd share this guy if he's not been mentioned before :)
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    Need defender for Reading!

    Hi guys. I'm Reading and have recently been promoted to the premier division, but my defenders are failing me :( I've got Mark Beevers who is still young and Andre Bikey who doesn't stop arguing with the refs and gets sent off or yellow carded in almost every game! Anyone know a good center back? :)