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Recent content by Groedius

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    Hate the board

    So I am playing as QPR going into 4th season now and last year I won the EPL and Europa league. Just really annoyed with my board as they finally decided we have enough finance to build an new stadium. They then hit me with a 70 mil bank loan and only 26,000 seat stadium which seems pretty small...
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    QPR going into 4th season

    Did really well last year and won the Treble Europa League, BPL and FA cup so am looking to strengthen my team for the champions league this year. Last season I did have the best defensive record in the league. Current team GK Rensing / Stuhr Ellegaard RB Diogo / Conolly / Schmid CB Toure /...
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    QPR Season 3 January

    Were can i Improve my team GK Rensing DR Diogo DC Boulahrouz DC Juhasz DL Elokobi MCL Faurlin MCR Ekdal AMR Schmid AML Fleck STCR Berbatov - For free STCL Parck Chu-Young S1 Kuszczak S2 Traore S3 Connolly S4 Delp S5 Griffiths S6 Quintero S7 Kranjcar also have Lorik Cana, Radoi, A Ferdinand...
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    Crash help

    My norwich save which i started with on the last patch crashes when i get to July 1st 2012. It says an serious game error was encountered and the application will close. Why is this happening ?
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    Large transfers

    Ok so after first season it would seem the transfers on my new QPR game i started last week are a bit insane Tottenham have spent a total of 95m - 30 m was recuperated through player sales Arsenal only spent 12.5m Aston Villa 32m Chelsea 47m and they got 21 m through sales Fulham 34m Leeds 24m...
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    QPR season 2

    Ok i just finished my first season as QPR came 9th in the league and managed to get a remarkable win in the FA cup. So next year I am looking at European football. I have 16 million to spend on my team. My main issue in the first season was conceeding alot of goals I finished with an - 14 GD...
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    Mass injuries pre season

    Ok so i just bought the game and decided to give it a go with Fulham I have played 2 games, and I now have 12 players injured most out for 3 weeks and upto 2 - 3 months. Anyone else got problems with mass injuries.
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    Simon vukcevic

    Name: Simon vukcevic Club: Sporting CP D.O.B: 29.1.1986 Nationality: Montenegro Position: AM C/L Strengths: Corners, Crossing, Dribbling, First touch, Free Kick taking, Long shots, Technique, Balance and Strength. Weaknesses: Team work, work rate, positioning, Personality: Fairly...
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    New LM for anderlecht

    First season at anderlecht and Boufassa just got poached by napoli for 8 million he had an 7 mil active release clause in his contract. So i need an solid replacement for him and any other good recommendations. Im mostly cash strapped and am trying to cling onto Lukaku. I have 6.6 million to...
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    Players learning language

    If i buy an non english speaking player will they learn english and it will appear in there in game profile ? I have had some messages from my assistant saying that my team find it hard to communicate due to the Language barrier, However the player which this is affecting has been at my club for...
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    Height in FM

    Does Height actually make alot of difference in football manager like it does in real life. For example at the weekend everyone saw how much trouble Zigic caused Arsenal.
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    Work Permit

    Couldnt seem to find an answer for this so I would like to know If i am declined am Work Permit for an foreign player then is there an way i can apply again for an work permit for them ???
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    Fulham team feedback

    Ok so ive just started my first proper challenge game at fulham just into my first season now. At the moment Hangeland is getting alot of attention arsenal, chelsea, real madrid and i am tempted to cash in if i can get 16 mil + for him. Dempsey is also being look after too and theyve both been...
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    Need help

    Not exactly sure where i should post this but i have just started off a new season at Arsenal top of the league and christmas is approaching. I been having trouble with a lack of harmony within the squad it seems the main problem is Gallas dislikes Nasri and I was told to play them together and...
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    Arsenal CB

    In urgent need of new CB for arsenal as Gallas is unhappy because of Samir Nasri and id rather sell Gallas as Nasri is playing alot better so ideally need a good CB to replace gallas and possibly 1 other CB as a sub because I do not have much faith in Senderos / Djorou. In my first season just...