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    Logo Pack? FM10

    Hi Guys, Can anyone link me to a logo pack that actually works (For fm10)? I've been looking for one for a while but for some reason I'm struggling! Thanks!
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    Tycoon Takeover Save Games

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any games where a tycoon has takeover your club/ a club that you want to upload? I like these types of games haha. Thanks
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    Crewe - Premiership - 4th Season - Suggestions

    Hi, got straight promotions to the premier league with Crewe and managed to scrape 13th place last season, this is my squad and just looking for suggestions on anything really, need to increase the quality on a really small budget so does anyone have a clue, spent most of my money on fierro haha...
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    Why Cant I Get The San Marino National Team?

    HI, looking to do the san marino challenge but cant find how to choose to manage the national team, its not showing up on the options to manage them?
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    The Basics Of A Good Tactic

    Hi, I am playing fm classic mode as my computer isnt the fastest on normal mode and I cant make a tactic good enough. Does anyone have an tips when making a new tactic? It would be greatly appreciated.:)
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    Norwich City - 5th Season - £7 Million

    Hi, this is a screen shot of my team in my 5th season with Norwich after finishing 3rd. Just wanted to know where people think I can improve after some of my summer signings. The 2 GK's missing at the top are ter stegen and a regen GK. Thanks.
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    Liverpool - Any General Improvements - £45 million

    Hello I have just started a game as Liverpool and am in my 1st season using lfc marshalls latest update (V3) I have so far signed: Renan (Gk) M. Sakho (DC) A. Turan (AMR) Lenny Nangis (ST) T. Courtois (GK) I currently have £45 million pound left here is my current team. * The 1st player in...
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    Best Youngsters- Under £1million

    So as the thread title suggests Who are the best young players for under a million? Not the already well established 25+ year olds that everyone knows about. So post your suggestions in here using this template: Name: Age: Club: Nationality: Price: Position: Team (signed for): I will start...
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    Fm-Base Game-£20m- suggestions for anywhere

    Hi all I have downloaded the Fm-Base team challenge and have finished my first season with a satisfactory 7th place and a league cup under my belt. Just asking for suggestions on where you think I can improve and player suggestions if you have one. The tactic I used for my first season is in my...
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    Preston North End - £275k- CB (maybe 2), RM, ST

    Hi I have just started a game with Preston and i have £275k to spend on 2 CB's, a Right Winger and a Striker. I am selling A. Arestidou, C. Morgan, D. Russell, R. Chaplow, C. Brown thanks for any suggestions P.S. I have posted this in the who should i buy/ Sell thread but I had no replies
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    Sunderland Or Blackburn?

    Hi am starting a new game soon after playing my stoke save for a couple of seasons and am going to start with either Blackburn or Sunderland. what do you think? Also what are their budgets if anyone knows. Any help or suggestions are appreciated
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    northwich victoria - all players - £0 budget

    Hi I am starting a game with my beloved Northwich Victoria in the pro evo stick division and am looking for players in all positions.Have little money available so free players and very cheap players will be very good. Thank you for all your suggestion. P.S. I thought this would be better...
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    Liverpool-AMC (Advanced Playmaker)+LM- £30m

    Hi am starting a game with my beloved Liverpool. I am playing a 4-4-1-1 formation. I need an advanced playmaker to play in an AMC role because I am playing Gerrard in MC. I am also looking for a LM. I have £30 million to spend. Thanks for any suggestions in advance. :wub:
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    A Story From The Heart Of Anfield Road

    A New Manager Unveiled At Anfield Today Former Northwich and Liverpool striker 'Jason Hickson' has been unveiled as the next Liverpool manager after Roy Hodgson got sacked after an argument with the owners about his transfer budget. This oppointment has come as a complete shock to Liverpool...
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    Hi am going to start a Liverpool game later tonight so would like to know what players every one thinks i should sign I have an idea on who to buy but wanted to know your suggestions as I dont yet know my budget I can not provide any more info, sorry. Thanks In Advance