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Recent content by joeWFC

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    "I've never really thought of becoming a football manager."

    Welcome to my Nottingham Forest story. After trying and failing to set up a business in the Middle-east, I returned back to my roots in Britain for the summer. It was a breezy day on Merseyside, the sinking July sun helped me make a decision, that to take the dog down the beach to clear my...
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    Forest Green 10 players?

    On 11.3 on most of my saves, when I play Forest Green they seem to always start with only 10 players Does this happen with anyone else?
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    Worrying attribute drops?

    Hello, I am manager of Luton Town (you can find my story in the stories :)) and I have a concern.. my star striker Febian Brandy's attributes seem to be worryingly dropping.. what does this mean? What should I do?
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    The end of the dip, the start of the rise - Luton Town

    "Here's Carroll, flicks it on, oh and surely with Wilshere! Yes, it's in! Jack Wilshere has won the Champions League for Luton Town against all odds, lead by mastermind Joe Hudson! What an achievement! He will surely go down in history as one of the greatest ever managers to grace the game, up...
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    FM11 closes when I want a new game..

    Okay so I made a new club and plan to take them to the Premiership from Tier 8.. I edited FM so I could get Tiers 7 and 8.. and I made the team.. I clicked New Game, and enabled the database with the new team on, and when I confirm it FM just closes :S I tried opening it again but it came up...
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    Registering players after the deadline

    Okay, so I'm Liverpool, I had to submit my Premiership squad, and I submitted 24 players out of 25, expecting Hulk to sign in the next few days. He signed - and now I can't find any way to register him? Do I have to do without him for the season? Help please if you can, cheers.
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    If you could take any player from your team's main rivals..

    Who would it be? From Chester - Michael Wilde Shrewsbury - Craig Disley (6)
  8. J

    Poor stamina

    Okay so I'm Wrexham, in season one in September. One thing that is starting to frustrate me is that I can't go into a midweek game without half of my players being 75% fit.. it's annoying. How can I improve stamina? Cheers
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    The return of the Wombles!

    The return of the Wombles! SHOCK SACKING AS WELSHMAN STEPS IN AFC Wimbledon fans were left wondering what had happened in the boardroom, as the fan-based club saw saviour Terry Brown was sacked as manager. He did extremely well in the previous season with a newly promoted Wimbledon side...
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    Big Fish in a little pond - My Wrexham story

    I have just noticed they kept this section on the forums, and unfortunately, I have already played 3 and a half seasons, so this will not be from the beginning, ah well. :@ Anway, now with the story XD To start I will just do a brief of the last three seasons, I know this is quite boring just...
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    From Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovinian story

    (I'm Welsh btw;)). Of course by the name this is a Bosnia&Herzegovina story. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fairly new national team, which played it's first international match in 1993, beating Iran 3-1. Their biggest win was a 7-0 trouncing of Estonia in 2007, the side have never qualified for...
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    Marching from the Abbey - My Cambridge story

    Hello, this is my first FM story on here, I hope you enjoy it:D I don't play FM on steam so the squad was from when the game was first released (10.0). I have already played season 2009/10:S Cambridge United Football Club The club was founded in 1912 as 'Abbey United'. They are owned by Paul...
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    Blue Screen bug?

    OK, so I have this Acer version on Windows XP (updating to 7 soon) at the moment, and I installed FM10 fine. This is where I need help. Every time I go into game play, it goes to the blue screen of death because this laptop cannot handle 3D whatsoever. It works fine on 2D Classic, but thats...