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Recent content by Joeycookson

  1. J

    Fm 21 - Windows version - Editing?

    Hey! So i was thinking of starting a new save and using the Steam editor to add in a new team and having a play with that. Then I noticed I downloaded my version of Football manager 21 from the Microsoft store as it is currently Free if you have gamepass.. Are there any editors that'll let me...
  2. J

    Three Seasons into my Arsenal team

    Ok so basically my team is going good. but this next transfer window which is coming up I will have roughly 100-130million to spend. Can anyone suggest anyway to make the team better. Currently I am a bit struck for ideas. Higauin is a beast... But I have Morata as a backup for when he starts...
  3. J

    Football manager Touch question!

    Hello basically I was wondering as I bought fm16 I noticed in the menu when I start a new career I can start it normally or by using football manager touch. I've heard I can play touch on my pc and then continue the same career on my iPad, is this how it works? And also do I need to pay for...
  4. J

    Starting Fantasy Draft online game right now!

    Starting Fantasy draft game right now! It is called: Join Now Just Starting Get in while you can, Budget 250m. 1 Minute between picks.
  5. J

    CA and PA question??

    Well I know what they both stand for and what they mean for a player but are the numbers ( 1-200 ) basically all the players stats added together?
  6. J

    Player Growth history?

    Well I bought a load of young players around 4 seasons ago and I was wondering if there is anyway to compare there growth from when I got them or anyway to see how much they have grown since I got them other than me taking pictures when I first buy the players?
  7. J

    Luis Guilherme?? - Young GK

    Well if anyone played Fm11 - 13 you will know how good Luis Guilherme always got! I was wondering if he is a wonderkid in FM14 as well? Started a new Southampton save and was after a cheap young wonderkid goalie so I went and bought him, He only cost me 100k so didn't break the bank at all to...
  8. J

    Are the olympics/ /Britain in Fm 13?

    Currently starting a save with England to see what jobs i get offered after international management. I was wondering if the olympics are in the game and if so are britain in the game?
  9. J

    What is the latest update?

    Well just started a new save and there is no Ozil at arsenal and all other transfers are not there :/
  10. J

    Got a few questions on my wonderkids. (Might be wrong section, if so please move)

    Ok basically I am in my fourth season with derby county and I have signed around 5 wonderkids all aged 15-18 PA is all above 170 and a couple of them where around 190 they cost me a fair bit like most young wonderkids do as most come thorough academy's of big teams. So anyway as I am derby andi...
  11. J

    Can you get Facepacks's for a MAC?

    Is it possible to get and install facepacks on a mac?
  12. J

    Network Game! Right now! Version 12.0.4, Hamachi

    Hamachi details, Username: joeycookson1, Password: 1234 MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE 1 ON THE END oh and there is no capital J Will be doing premiership and I will be Man City. :) Come join Hamachi network now.
  13. J

    Going to start a network game, Hamachi, 5 - 30 people, Pick your team FAST!

    Closed. Add me on skype and join hamachi network, only 2 people are online which is not enough to start it now so I will start when we get enough people online. skype: Joeycookson Hamachi network: Joeycookson Hamachi Password: 1234
  14. J

    Out of these two wonderkid/ Regen players who should I play?

    Basically these are the two players. First - Pietro vitiello, I have not edited these players I am using this program to check the CA and PA of players that is all. 92/200 so will be amazing but is only 16 years old. Here is the second player Rodrigo reis, 148/189 So basically I have one...
  15. J

    Can anyone give me the link to the latest patch? I don't have the steam version

    I can not find the latest patch anywhere, I went on the FM site and the only patch on there is the one for football manager 2011. Thanks for the help.