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Recent content by jordyboy2468

  1. J

    Tactic familiarity not increasing, bug?

    7 games into the season and none of the levels have increased from awkward, i'm currently 10th with Stoke so i'm doing ok. Is this a visual bug(i.e. The levels are increasing and I just can't see them) or are they affecting gameplay?
  2. J

    Feeder club for recruiting youngsters

    Which clubs are the best for recruiting youngsters into the academy? Thanks.
  3. J

    Home grown question

    If you sign a player on their 18th birthday does it class them as home grown when they reach 22?
  4. J

    Schurrle or Griezmann?

    Schurrle for £15 mil or Griezmann for £9.5 mil? Will be played aml as an inside forward.
  5. J

    Deep lying playmaker roam from position?

    I play a 433 with a deep lying play maker in the dmc role, with the primary aim of receiving the ball from the defenders and then passing to more advanced players. So would having roam from position on the playmaker be better for him picking the ball off the defenders?
  6. J

    Can you go from a huge club to a small club?

    I am currently playing as Ajax and after winning the champions league would i be able to sign for a team in the BSN/S or wouldn't they even offer me a contract because of my reputation?
  7. J

    German Language?

    Does anyone know how to set German as the language on FM 2012? It isn't in the language setting on my game...
  8. J

    How to resign?

    Can't find it anywhere, thanks.
  9. J

    Stoke 3rd season

    I finished 3rd last season and have a transfer budget of £28 million. I need: Aml inside forward Central defender and a full back who can play on both sides. English would be preferred, age doesn't matter as they will most likely be cover. Thanks.
  10. J

    Stoke first season play makers.

    Need an advanced and a deep lying playmaker for stoke, i have tried for Kevin but he won't even enter talks. Thanks.
  11. J

    Can portsmouth sign players?

    While under the transfer embargo if they are free agents?
  12. J


    Suppose i finished 10th with a team who scored very few goals would the attendence for the following season be the same if i finished 10th with lots of goals?
  13. J

    Cant stop conceding...

    I am currently 12th with stoke, doing fine going forward but cannot stop conceding(34 goals in 16 games) playing 4231 formation. Playing the full backs as automatic, centre backs as stoppers with a deep line. enoh as anchor man with wilson deep lying playmaker. Any tips...
  14. J

    Feeder club recommendation?

    Is there a way to reccomend a club other than the ones that board has selected for me? Thanks.
  15. J

    Stoke ball winner

    1st season with stoke have 7 mill to spend, need a ball winning midfielder.