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    Jorge Mere's potential

    can people please post jorge mere (CB) in a cople of years id like to see how he progresses maybe 5 years in 10 years and so on
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    How will this laptop do ?

    firstly i apologise for posting in the wrong place but im having a bit of trouble posting in the general discussion page, it doesnt seem to load up :/ but my laptop is pretty much on its *** and ive just ordered myself this : Acer aspire E15.6" i5 processor 8gb ram 1TB storage, Im just...
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    Ac milans takeover

    I'm just about to start my second season, when I was looking through my news and to my surprise AC Milan have been taken over and the new owner has promised the club that their will be 327 million pounds to spend on new players. im just wondering does this happen on everyone's game or is this...
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    Inconsistent problems???

    I've started a few new games ( Middlesbrough, Man City, Everton) in the first 10-15 games everything is good tactics aren't to bad and fitness isn't a problem... Then bang all of a sudden after the 15 games everything goes wrong my players are constantly injured I seem to concede loads of late...
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    Manchester City's future

    I've just bought the game today, I sold zuculini and I now have 3 million pound to spend, I'm looking to bring in some cheap youngsters for the future if anyone can recommend anyone?
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    is this laptop good enough to run football manager???

    Just wondering if this laptop is going to be good enough to run football manager at a good level... HP 15" SILVER NOTEBOOK SCREEN SIZE IS 15 INCH HARD DRIVE IS 1TB MEMORY IS 8GB INTEL PENTIUM PROCESSOR INTEL HD GRAPHICS OPTICAL DRIVE 2X USB 2.0 BLUETOOTH 4.0
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    is this laptop good enough for fm

    Title saysbit all, is this laptop any good to play fm16 on as my current laptop is on its way out HpHP 15" NotebookFrom only £8.59 per week TYPE: Laptop Screen Size: 15" Hard Drive: 1TB Memory: 8GB Wireless: Yes Core i3 Processor Windows 8.1 Optical Drive
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    Middlesbrough premiership problems

    So I got promoted to the premier league in my first season by finishing second in the championship... Here is where the problems begin, 1season in prem... Finish 11th the only signings I made were Jordan Rhodes and Christ smalling and loan back kalas dimi in goal friend and kalas either side...
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    City second season

    So I'm in march in my first season, but I want to start planning for my second season and areas I can improve my squad, in my first season I didn't make any signings I'm using a downloaded database (new signings and promotion, relegations ) GK joe hart LB kolorov CB Vincent kompany CB mangala...
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    Newest update

    Can someone please put the link for the newest update on here please im struggling to find it... New propmotions and relegations, signings manager changes and so on :)
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    Football manager vs football manager classic

    Soon this WILL sound solo stupid haha when fm starts up and you have the option of football manager or football manager classic, what do you play ? The normal or classic? I always play play the classic but this afternoon I clicked classic for the first time.... What's the difference? Whats...
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    Man marking just one player

    I'm not sure if I'm blind or it's not there, but is there anyway I can man mark just one player. I'm Watford in the premier league and I'm about to face arsenal and I want to sacrifice a midfielder and use him to stick to Sanchez for 90 minutes. Help please?
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    Final ball problems

    I'm actually getting quite frustrated lately with FM I'm not sure if I'm the only person suffering with the problem, I've got yarmolenko grealish rotariu and bruma in my squad yarmolenko and rotariu are in the staring 11, every time they get past there man and are in a great position to cross it...
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    15.3 updated players

    I'm not sure if I'm right in thinking this but I'm playing on the official 15.3 update via steam, I'm wondering who are the best wonder kids or is the same as it always has been Has fierro still got them rockets stuck to his legs? Haha
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    Mark noble???

    I've just started a new save as west ham and I'm low on cash, I'm struggling to sell any of the dead wood, I'm thinking of cashing in on mark noble as he is out of contract at the end of the season and he wants almost 20K extra on top of his 30K a week wage. is there a cheap suitable...