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    Any mobile/tablet players?

    Recently got the game on my Samsung tablet but not really been able to find a decent forum for mobile players - are there many on FMBase? I haven’t used this site for years!
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    Free agents after first season

    Anybody got a list of players whos contracts are supposed to expire in 2015? Need some help finding one.
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    Stoke second season.

    Finished 8th and have around 7M left to spend. Any ideas on who I can buy? I play a 4 4 2 and could do with a good RM/LM aswell as a poacher OR target man.
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    Playing the long ball.

    I am managing Stoke, and would like to some-what emulate what they do in real life, which is hoofing it up to Crouch and allowing him to flick it on, etc. What settings do you think I need to set to ensure that this happens?
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    Leeds, first season.

    Any reccomendations? I'll be playing a narrow 4 1 2 1 2, so let me know if you have any players who have shone for you in the Championship - thanks.
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    Adding logos.

    I've read a guide, I made my own graphics folder with kits/logos/badges and extracted my logos to the logos folder, but they still don't show up in game. I have also done to "press confirm to reload skins" and still, nothing. What do I do?
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    How can I stop leaking goals?

    I'm Chelsea, in the first season. I concede atleast 1/2 goals per game and it is getting ridiculous. It feels like every time I score, the other team score almost instantly.
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    Lack of motivation.

    Basically, I've felt like this for the past two series of FM. I just can't get into a game, and end up closing it down after about an hour. What can I do to regain my motivation to play?
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    What's up everybody.

    Not logged on here for around 2 years, how are you all?
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    quick help!

    can somebody direct me to a thread on how I can make a net game. cheers. Also, please be quick!
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    I find it hard on the ipod to win

    Well ive seen all kinds of win streaks on here but I just can't make the right tactics, I was sacked in the third season by liverpool after 3 successive seasons where I finished 5th, Any help?
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    keeps freezing..

    got a new computer and i got fm on it, but i opened it and started a game with liverpool.. i had just selected my squad for my first game vs the reserves and it took quite a while, and then just froze and closed down.. now it won't open for me either. ---------- Post added at 05:08 AM...
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    Liverpool v Sparta Praha. K:O 8:05.

    Seeing as though there was no thread, I thought i'd make one :) Kick off is at 8:05 on Channel Five. Raul Meireles has been passed fit to start Liverpool's Europa League last 32, first-leg encounter with Sparta Prague tonight - listen live online from 8pm. The Portuguese midfielder was...
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    Any other programs to make graphics?

    Well I downloaded Photoshop CS4 and CS5 last night, and I have already used the trials, I had the trials about 5months ago but didn't have a clue what to do. Is there any other programs I can use?
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    Derby - Poacher (quickly!)

    I have 13.5m to spend, start of the third season. I've agreed to sign Mame Biram Diouf, but I need another poacher.. ideas? (not kadlec)