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    Oxford United first season. Callum Camps!

    First venture on the new FM, and I started off unemployed. Took over at Oxford in October, with them 4 point off the bottom of the League and things have gone really well. I'm half way through January now and find myself 3 points off the play off positions, after only 2 defeats in my 14 games...
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    Game crashes when I minimize

    Since installing the game yesterday, I have twice minimized it to check my emails. Once while I was on holiday in the game, and today when it was saving. When I go back into the game the On Holiday and Saving Game strips were still on the screen, but the game was playing normally in the blurry...
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    Set Piece Defending!

    Right, I have had this same issue with football manager for years, ever since Rio Ferdinand scored 4 goals for me in the Champions League final... The defending at set pieces on FM is just ridiculous. I've started a season with Peterborough, I would say that 75% of the goals I concede are from...
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    Who has the best Academy?

    Hi everyone, When I play FM I start with English clubs and I love to try and develop the youth players at clubs, instead of buying loads of foreigners or getting lucky with randomly brilliant regens. With some saves, like Southampton for example, this was really good, as they have quite a few...
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    I have just completed this press conference, but the game will not let me move on from it. Ive tried restarting FM and loading it again, but its still stuck. The only thing I can think of would be to resign, but I really dont want to! Any suggestions?
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    Loads of goals from corners?

    I have noticed this has been an issue with the last few FM editions, I would say that about 40% of my goals come from corners, my defenders get ridiculously high average rating as they score so many goals, its got a bit annoying and I was hoping it would be sorted on the new game, but it hasnt...
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    Why don't players cross it anymore?

    I've started a few different saves on the new FM, but its become really frustrating as this happens with every team Ive started with. My wingers or full backs get into great crossing positions all the time, but 9 times out of 10 they either cut back towards the byline or pass it backwards to a...
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    Sheff United

    Im in Feb first season and im 2nd, reading as usual running away with the league. But im 2 ahead of derby, and 5 ahead of blues. Need some help finding players to strengthen my squad for the prem if i get there. Got a prity decent side now. Star players - James Beattie, 22 gs in 28 apps...