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Recent content by KidSparxx

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    Sugar daddies in the FM?

    Who are the sugar daddies in FM that constantly pump money into the club? I heard they're two types, the ones that always pump money into the club and the ones that stop the club from entering debt. Im only interested in the former. Thank you.
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    What is the best formation?

    Whats the best formation for all round solidity? In both defense and attack. This question is in general so don't say "Base it around your players". Thank You.
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    Anybody had any experiences with Srna or Cassetti?

    Im playing as Man City and im looking for a replacement for Zabaleta but cant decide between the two. Cassetti will cost me £16m. Srna will cost me £20m. Im guessing a few have bought Srna but i havent heard much about Cassetti which is suprising because he looks like on of the best...
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    Which formation is best? 4-4-2 variations

    I was thinking as there are four variations of the 4-4-2 that I would personally use: Flat 4-4-2: Advanced 4-4-2: Deeper DM 4-4-2: 4-1-1-2-2? Which of these offers the most balance in both defence and attack, particularly the last two which I favour due to DM being most of the defensive...
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    Best finisher ever?

    Just wanted to know who you think is the best finisher ever in your opinion. I personally feel it was Thierry Henry. At Arsenal(probably now as well) he placed the ball into the corner if the net impeccably; he never really needed power in his shots. He's the most natural finisher i've seen...
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    Best formation for keeping possession?

    Questions in the title. What is the best formation to keep and play possession football, that gives the player on the ball the most options to pass to etc.
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    Has anyone had any experiences with him, im considered buying him now to switch it up a bit. Always scouted but im not sure on him.
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    How do free flowing football teams tackle?

    I was wondering how teams such as Barcelona and the dutch total football teams tackle as it is the only part of info i could find on them without watching their games. Thanks
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    How to get Van Persie firing?

    Well hes surprisingly been for for most of my season(im in december now) but hes only scored 10 goal in 20 games :/ Hes just never seems to be in the right position whereas Chamakh is, his 22 goals in 20 games shows it. Im using a 4-2-4 and ive tryed playing him in quite a few positions(not...
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    How to make Chamakh more clinical?

    Ive got him upfront and hes getting tons of chances but is hopeless infront of goal and their any preferred move that you guys recommend? Shooting with power is the only one i could think of. Walcott is just as hopeless as well, i thought rounding the keeper for him? Thanks
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    Place shots or shoot with power?

    Ive got Abel Hernandez and Edison Cavani in my team and I want them to specialise in a shot cause theyre wasteful at times. I cant choose between shooting with power and placing shots. Should i get them to learn any other moves apart from these?
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    Im playing as Catania and im looking for a stopper and ive found my three best options but cant choose between them(no other suggestions please). So please could you vote in the poll or say on the thread who you think is the best option. Leandro Gioda: Modibo Diakite: Souleymane Bamba...
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    How to get more crosses in to my targetman?

    My target man, Necid hasnt scored any headed goals so far for me and im 10 games in. I play an old school 442 and i have my wingers set as wide midfielder-attack. I have him as a target man-attack with a poacher next to him. His best chance of scoring is with his head and if hes not using it it...
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    How to play Otamendi?

    Theres two threads on him but the dont really say how to play him, the people just say keep him. Ive got a great team around him but he always seems to go into half time with a 5.5 rating if ive conceded, sometimes even if i havent. I play him next to Subotic whos decent, hwo should i play them...
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    Which pair would you choose?

    Im playing as Birmingham and im at the start of my third season. My strike force was a little weak last year so im looking to boost it. I play a 4-4-2 so i only need two but i want them all! I narrowed my targets down so please no suggestions |) My targets are: Dzeko Pato Hulk Kalinic