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Recent content by KingCantona

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    Luton Town - 2nd season

    Won League 2 with Luton in my first season using the latest LFCMarshall update (for some reason, Craig Mackail-Smith wasn't in the squad :( ) Didn't buy any players last season, only had 2 loans in so I have a pretty decent transfer budget which is £800k and about 15-20k in free wages. I need...
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    AC Milan 2nd season - players needed

    Just finished 2nd in Serie A in my first season with AC Milan. I've got a lot of loan players - Rafinha, Sergi Roberto, Antonelli, Cerci, Destro. I'm hoping to re-sign Destro as he scored 23 goals. I made a couple of free signings in Jan that will join in July - Micah Richards, Nicola Leali...
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    Luton Town - any decent free agents

    Hi guys, Starting a save with Luton Town Need to sign a CB, RW and ST on frees. Any suggestions? Cheers :)
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    In's and Outs at Utd

    Only in Feb of my 1st season as Man United... Summer Transfers In: Vertonghen - £23m, bit pricey but solid defender who gets a few goals. Cuadrado - £30+m, again price a bit over inflated but is absolutely rapid! Lucas Romero - £7m, great stats, young box to box player Balanta - £4m - future...
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    How To Clear Debt and have a huge transfer budget

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could tell me how to make sure i have a huge transfer and wage budget and also to clear my debt. I am Manchester United Cheers :)
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    Manchester United 2011/2012

    Hi Guys. Im in my 2nd season, finished 2nd in the league last season and quarter finals of the champions league. I play a 4-3-3 formation: VDS Beck Varane Vidic...
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    LB for Fulham 11.3

    Need a backup left back for Salcido or someone better than him. Have £8m to spend Any ideas?
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    Best Bargain

    Hi guys, This might be random but i was just wondering if anyone has got any great players for bargain prices in their time on football manager 2011? For me, the best bargain was buying Gago from Real Madrid to play for Fulham which cost me £1.8m!! Can anyone beat that? :)
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    Strikeforce at Fulham

    Almost finished first season at fulham but my strikers are well inconsistent and hardly score any goals. On patch 11.3 with £20m budget. My forwards are: Zamora - 11 goals Dembele - 8 goals A. Johnson - 10 - goals Bothroyd - 9 goals Barreto. - 4 goals Was thinking of signing Derdiyok and...
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    Shall i sign Nigel de Jong for Fulham?

    Im Fulham in 2010/2011 on 11.3 patch. City have put De Jong on the transfer list for £6.5m, should i sign him?
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    Sunderland 2010/2011

    Hi peeps, i have become manager of Sunderland. I'm in 2010/2011season and I have bought 4 players: Elmander (£4.6m), Whittingham (£4m), Smithies (800k) and Ridgewell (£4.5m). My squad is: Gordon Mignolet Smithies A. Ferdinand Onouha Turner Bramble Mensah Ridgewell Richardson El Mohammady...
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    Players needed for Sunderland 2010/2011

    Hi guys. I downloaded the 11.3 patch today and thought I should try managing a different team, so i chose Sunderland. Their squad is alright, they got some decent players like muntari, henderson, gyan and others. But they are seriously lacking in left sided players. I have a budget of £17.5m...
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    Football Manager not responding.

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me. I have been playing Football manager for a month now, but since yesterday, everytime i go to click on a player to view their stats, football manager doesnt respond and closes the game. I can play matches and do all the other stuff, but i cant view...
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    Any Improvements? United 2011/2012

    I have a good squad at United. I won 2 cups and finished 3rd in the league last season. This season I have a budget of £50m and I was wondering what improvements I need to make to my squad. I'm trying to base my squad on english players. The players I have are: Goalkeepers: De Gea Kuzsack...
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    United - ST

    Need a striker to partner Rooney upfront, Berbatov isn't cutting it for me and Hernandez isn't ready yet. In my first season with a budget of £30m, any suggestions?