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    Anyone heard of a band called Seether? If so please state your favourite album/song. I've been really getting into them lately and I love Your Bore on the album Disclaimer II.
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    Football manager 2010 vs. Championship Manager 2010

    Hello people of fm-base. Many people may think that this is a pointless thread, however I think it can help people who are fm fans that are tempted to buy cm. I searched and I didn't find a thread like this. Basically I will be comparing a number of things from fm 2010 and cm 2010. Feel fair to...
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    Fabio Muwumbi- download available!!!

    Hello all :). A few of you may have seen my thread, "Fabio Muwumbi- thrills, spills and skills". Well now, you can download Fabio Muwumbi himself onto your game, and he's even got a face! Here is the attactched file, extract to "SI>fm 2010>editor data. For more information, click here now!
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    World Record Broken Jesus christ man! I can't even do it for 30 seconds, let alone 19 minutes :O
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    Lewis, Finn, Jordyoffy and Jammin's db requests

    Right, me and Nick have set up a thread where you can ask us for a custom db. After a lot of confusion on who's thread to pick from, this thread has been created and we are ready to take requests. We will accept: Created Clubs Created Players Created Media Sources Created Injuries Created...
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    Marlon King

    Well I did do the decent thing and ask in the player roles thread but no-one's replied for half an hour, and I need to know pretty urgent, so what's the best role to play Marlon King, in the 10.2 patch? Cheers :)
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    Closed Thread.

    Well I found a site called, and I read one of the forums. Here's a link I have to say though I took a bit of offence at the Argyle bit underneath throw something lol :P Btw I searched for a similar thread but I couldn't find it.
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    Lewis Edwards: From Janner, to Scousser

    Well first I would like to apologize about doing so many stories and then leaving them, yes I was bored witht them (apart from my birmingham and everton ones which crashed :S), but I'm in the year 2012 on this one so it shows I can stick with a game. So if you could avoid posting **** on this...
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    Best Nirvana Song

    Well, I have to say, over the past 2 months or so, I have become a massive Nirvana fan, got all their albums and stuff. But what do you think is the best song by them?
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    Training help

    Right, if you have a coach with say 20/20 for attack coaching, you'd obviously have him doing an attack regime, likewise with a 20/20 for defence, he'd be put to a defence regime etc. But what good attributes does a coach need for set piece coaching? Thanks in advance ---------- Post added at...
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    What age did you stop believing?

    Hi guys, merry christmas, did you have a good one? Just wanted to know, what age did you stop believing in santa? I stopped believing at the age of about 8 or 9, when I saw a mince pie in the bin on boxing day. So I asked my mum and she said "Yep, sorry but he's not real." I was gutted :( My...
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    ATTENTION!!!! Anyone want to join my new net game? If anyone confirms that they wanna join, I'll email them the details... It's in the coca-cola championship and I'm using the free agents db. Looking for 3 more players. Rules: No racism, discrimination etc. No taking other users staff unless...
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    Trouble motivating myself

    Well I'm doing an AEK Larnakas game, but the trouble is, I really can't seem to motivate myself to play it. Normally I would just stop, however I've got a thread about it, and I don't wanna let everyone down. Has anyone got any ideas how I can motivate myself to play it? Thanks, Lewis Edwards
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    New db?

    Well, I've got some time on my hands and I'm planning to make a new db. I will take the Cook islands as they are one of the less known countries in football, get rid of everything and start from scratch. I will create new teams, players with random stats, kits, stadiums etc. I've already...
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    Serie A net game

    Well I'm doing a small serie a net game, and i'm starting when I've got three more people in, it's first come first serve to hurry! Apply on this thread and I will message you the details. When everyone is on, go on to my hamachi by using the details in the message i send you. NOTE: I am...