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    Hi, My Chairman seems to cancel any project based on looking for an Affliate. No matter what specifications we're looking for. I'm struggling in the prem. Low Mid-Table and need and affiliate to get players from, send players too and also make a bit of extra cash from but he just cancells any...
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    Under 18's Coach

    Hi Guys, I'm struggling with bringing more than one or two players through my youth or them not reaching their potential. I have a terrible U18's coaching set up and I was wondering if there is a easy way to search for u18's Coaches. Everyone seems to not want the job. Cheers.
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    Match Engine Lag?

    So I recently had to replace my Motherboard and Hard Drive, actually got a better Mobo and the same hard drive as replacements. My computer runs slightly quicker than previous before it died and so does FM15, that is until midway through the first half of any match. After then it starts to lag...
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    Need Help, Arsenal Defence.

    Hey guys, a while since my last post. I'm playing with Arsenal in 2016/17 season. I am playing either 4-1-2-3-1 (Anchor Man) or 4-2-3-1 (Attacking Midfielder), my trouble is my team aren't consistent. I either win by big margins or concede a lot of goals, it doesn't matter which team it is. I...
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    Conceding too many goals! Arsenal.

    Hi everyone, Haven't posted on here in ages. I started my save with Arsenal to get used to the new tactic creator.. after failing with Bath City. I thought Arseal would be a safe bet to help me learn and enjoy the game as well. Don't get me wrong this game is great I'm thoroughly enjoying it...
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    Serie A registration

    Hi all, Was just wondering do you have to register players for the Serie A as I've just gotten San Marino there and playing my first Serie A and I haven't had to register any players nor can I through the menus. I had to in Serie B, I don't know if it happens later (after August) or if It's a...
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    Game changes?

    I've just started a new save with San Marino my newest save since my Bath City one I started in November and I've noticed a lot of new things, is this because they weren't implemented in my previous save due to me starting it before a patch? For example a message popped up saying "Arsenal of...
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    Team Stats, e.g. Average Age, Height etc.

    How do I see my teams stats such as their average age, their average height etc. etc. and then how do I compare these to other teams in my division? Thanks.
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    One team league..

    People say Liga BBVA is boring due to it just being between Real and Barca but look at Serie A on my save. I've never seen a league this 'one teamed' Their squad and top three players if you wondered..
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    Is he just Adapting or is it my tactics?

    I was tracking him for two years and submitted a fair few bids but his work permit got declines three times, then at the start of last year I saw he joined Espanyol and had a release clause of £7.25m I know they made a load of money off of him but he's a player I really wanted. End of last...
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    Caretaker Managers in FM13!

    I just left my Job as manager of Bath City to move to NAC Breda and instead of hiring someone straight away the board said it would be a tough task to replace 'someone of my caliber' and instead assigned a caretaker manager.. I've never seen this before is it a new feature or has it been...
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    ME Patch is finally here!

    Just thought I'd let you all know you can download the new ME patch from steam now.
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    Jake Bugg

    I was just wondering if any of you listen to Jake Bugg? He's my new favourite musician followed him since his song 'Country Song' on an Advert been hooked since, He just released his first album and it topped the charts until that overrated girl Taylor Swift released hers.. his songs remind me...
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    Timo Werner Glitch?

    I'm Arsenal just entered my first season and trying to sign Timo Werner on a Youth Contract, he accepts and everything but it gets cancelled because I don't have enough funds... Which is a lie as I have £200K/pw Wage left and £23.28m Transfer Budget left? Anyone else had this?
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    Coaching Courses.

    So, after the beta update I started a save with Nottingham Forrest and I got a message three days in saying my goalkeeping coach was to go on a coaching course, now I read about these prior and my questions are. Did they just add this in the recent update and what does implementing coaching...