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Recent content by Miller11

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    Maximum number of coaches?

    I'll apologise if this has been asked before, I have searched around already. So yeah, title explains it really. How many coaches/scouts/physios am I allowed to ask for? I've got pretty decent staff already but some of my veterans are closing in on retirement and have pretty decent coaching...
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    Structured Wage Bills

    Hey Basically my question is how much are people prepared to pay players for success? I'm not talking about being Man City and splashing £100m+ on transfer fees and 150k+ per week on ages, I mean people who are playing as a not-so-rich side and have gotten to or started in higher leagues and...
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    Lower League Spanish B Teams

    Okay, so I'm going to try and be as brief as I can but I'll set the scene... I took over a Spanish B3 team and on my seventh season. Finished 3rd in La Liga last season, my third in the top division. Over the course of those three seasons I have managed to accumilate a pretty talented youth...
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    Living up to potential

    I searched the forum for a bit and couldn't really find too much information on this so here goes... I'm building up my youth team on my 2015/16 season save having just got a Youth Academy and upgraded my training and youth facilities. I've done an Arsenal to some extent and scouted out some...
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    Players for recently-promoted Spanish team..?

    Hey, I'm not really great at asking advice for things like this but I just wanted some help... I'm in my fourth season and I've just been promoted to Liga BBVA with F.C Real Jaen. We did pretty well in Liga Adelante, finished second with only two defeats - too many stupid draws from winning...