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    specialist roles?

    can someone give me a list or maybe tell me what are the specialist roles? I didn't unerstand it so good and I think it will help me create tactics better THX
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    FM activation please help me guys.

    ok so I bought the FM 2014 since it released. and I had an activation code on my email but I think someone changed my email password and I cant get him back. my question is : can I get the activation code to a new email ? it's really important there are more games I paid for and I know I did a...
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    OHHHHHHH!! My team isn't pressing in the new patch at all!!

    Have you noticed the team isn't pressing. It's not like in 14.2.2 they used to press a lot but it seems it's just getting worse :@:@:@
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    Possession tactic please test!

    Hi guys! Iv'e been working on a tactic a couple of weeks that emulates much Barca style (2010-2011 season) I tested the tactic with Barcelona 2025, Ajax 2014, Barca B 2014. Here are some SS's: Barca: I took a team of losers! (yeah really) that couldn't even get every season to the 2nd place at...
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    Tempo Question

    Hi again ! want to know if there is a way that my defenders wont touch the ball so much but with low tempo.. I feel that we lose possession too much because my team is always passing back to the CB's and the midfielders holding too much the ball...they lose it in midfield can someone help me?
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    Away games drive me crazy!

    Hi FM lovers I need some advice for away games im getting very nervous how could it be that my team isn't getting even close to the shots the home team (that is a similar team not better one) get. 28-5 does it make sense?? sorry for my bad english I need an advice because in home I beat every...
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    Pressure And Philosophy question. help please

    Hi FM lovers! I've been playing FM 2014 since the beta version and as all of you know I am playing possession football. My two questions are what is the best philosophy, a rigid one or a fluid one for possession football. I tried the two and it seems that the rigid is better but I still want to...
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    Tempo, Width and Time wasting.

    Please help me to understand..what is the really meaning for tempo in FM 2013? and how do i make my team defend with a very narrow width and to attack with an extremly wide width and use the whole pitch.. And about time wasting again whats the real meaning of it I dont undestand..does it means...
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    What is better?( Possession)

    What marking you think is better for a possession tactic?
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    My Possession Tactic 3-7-0 FMTN's inspiration.

    My Possession Tactic 3-7-0 FMTN's inspiration.(UPDATED TACTIC) UPDATE so..I worked a lot on the tactic because i realised it wasn't good enough. My first change was the mentality to more attacking mentality to push higher up the field, the second was to put another CD to make a 4 players...
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    Possession Break is unbeatable?! please enter and try help!

    Hi everyone. First i wanna say im a fan of the possession football philosophy and i dont care of who..possession is my favourite style and when i play withou possession i feel im doing nothing. since i started play fm 2013 this year i tried desperately create a possession tactic and find good...