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Recent content by Murali

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    Help me choose a laptop !!

    http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Lenov...UK/version.asp and iam looking at the dell inspiron 6400 with intel processor ( the middle one ) http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/pr...hs1&l=en&s=dhs The first one looks pretty good, but ive never heard of that make before and it doesnt seem to be on...
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    Rush Hour 3

    Dont bother. just rent 1 or 2. and save yourself a lotta money.
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    The Simpsons

    Went to see it today, advanced screenings and all that jazz, it was quite good, no laugh riot, but there are enough gags to watch it imo.
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    Green Wing

    Does anyone like it ? i got the 2nd series boxset!
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    to update fm2007, i need the 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 patches, but their taking ages to download. like i hav 1( or 2)Mb broadband, but its going at about 15Kb/s. and its quite annoying cos it will take 2 hours!!! anyone know what to do to make it quicker?
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    Stick Cricket

    I tell you what...this game is addictive. http://www.stickcricket.com/ i got about a hundred in the 5 over thing, but the spiners are bastards...
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    Torres...like omg

    Iam glad he's coming, ive always wanted to see him in action in the premiership.why havnt man U or chelsea gone after him though ? or even arsenal as replacement for henry?hmmmmmm 26.5 is welly steeep though.
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    hello all, thanks for the recall kris :p :) iam not even playing fm, but i want to start playing it, at least i can get into a good habit before i get into uni, i know fm '07 is out and alive and kicking lol,unfourtunately thats about all the knowledge i hav about fm :(. are there any new...
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    So whose watched it ? everyone hopefully. its welly funny, but it kinda got a bit stale for the last half an hour, you could see just about all thejokes coming but it was still quite funny.
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 6

    Whose getting it ? WHo thinks it looks good ? I really hope its better than Pro Ev 5,cos thats a load of toss. Iam just watching(well trying to with cunting 56k) the video, and the players facial graphics seemed to have got worse!! maybe iam jst blind, who knows. Anyway it looks good and ill...
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    Talladega nights: ballad of rocky bobby

    First funny film ive seen for a while, Will ferrells disturbingly funny, and the chicks are hot. anyone else seen it ?
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    Scott Matthews

    I love it, its some good chill out shiiiit. the songs called elusive. Its really slow and quiet, and its unlike other stuff thats out. has anyone else heard of him? does anyone else actually like him !?
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    You Tube Girl, Bree

    ITs quite wierd, i was just looking thru you tube and i found some videos(vlogs) of this bird (bree). And after watching a few i was mildly amused by them, just random acts of randomness. And whlie waiting for motd, i had a look thru the paper and i seen an article on her!!(twilight zone music)...
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    Bitta Nostalgia

    Whats happened to the old FMB/CMB, has it been wiped off the face of the earth or do u still have the files and stuff for it Sean ?? Maybe we could have a little Hall of Fame section ? I dunno just thought the oldies might appreciate it. I do remember that we were talking about having one on...
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    Da Semi-Finalz

    Ur all lazy bastads.... __ Saturday 22 Apri l - Chelsea v Liverpool to be played at Old Trafford Sunday 23 April - (Charlton Athletic or Middlesbrough) v West Ham to be played at Villa Park -- assuming we beat charltom(which is tricky) its as gd as it gets for us...we're well on course for...