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    Problem with adding leagues

    Hi. I have problem with adding Spain's La Liga and Segunda division. I did forgot put them on when I started this save(now into 2nd almost 3rd season). So when I go "add/remove leagues" the game won't allow me add Spaniah leagues atm. Do you know why? And is there someway make them playable...
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    Player without Work permit

    So I have a little problem now. I play with Middlesborough I bought young Brazilian GK named Uilson. Well I bought him late in transfer window and tried to loan him out but move to the Sonderjyske fell out cause WP and he hasn't WP in England neither. So my question is does Uilson train...
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    So at the moment I'm going to fail EPL FFP wage rule there is still time some do some deals(I'm going to loan a lot youngster out) but there just aren't people who I want sell or can't sell cause HG rule in UCL. So if I fail that wage rule is mine sanction minus five points in next season or...
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    Pep Guardiola/John Terry

    Hi. Just random question about Pep how he is doing at your saves? In mine he just got sacked in his first season(2017-18 season) at Chelsea after 0-2 defeat against ManU Chelsea are 7th after 29 games. Players lost confidence under his wing. He got sacked too from Man C in 2016 just after 6...
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    Tottenham stadiums

    Hi! Just wondering why Spurs are moved at the Wembley in the 2017-2018 season start. And in game there was that "moving into New White Hart Lane in XX.XX.XXXX(Can't remember when) and that's is not there anymore. So if someone have played somewhere in 2020-> so can you tell me are they still...
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    How early you do use your subs

    Hi! I'm interested how early you start make subs? If we think there is no injuries or cards for your team I think I start very early at the 50th min mark and then I do second normally 55-60min and the last I spare until last fifteen min.
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    Shooting accuracy

    Hi. I did notice my players(Tottenham 1st season) shoots wide in good positions wide to goal. Still AI players can get shots in target in same position. So my question is what player attributes influence to shooting accuracy?
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    I can't SAVE my game and other problems

    Okay.. I have new laptop and now I have some serious problems. First and bigger problem I can't F*ucking save my game!!! Does somebody know why I can't save my game?! Second problem are graphics and FM Whizzkids database they're in the right file but don't appear in game.... in my old...
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    Playing well in national team

    Hi! I want ask you one question. I did think if player have a good game for national team that would raise them morale. Why I don't see this happen? Or is it that way club and national team morale are two differents? And that makes no sense to me...
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    Liverpool GK 1st season

    Okay I have a little situation in my Liverpool save Mignolet got injured(3-4 months) late in pre-season and I have only 20M € transfer budget and 106K€ wages(can be adjusted). I was thinking replacing Mignolet in next season and now I'm not sure is there anyone good enough for that money who can...
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    Jarkko Wiss from midfielder to manager

    About me, my FM playing style and story's background: I'm 17y old boy from Finland and town called Lempäälä. Playing futsal in U21's national league and coaching 02-03 born boys team in futsal and football. In last year summer I did mine debut in Vitonen(6th highest league) So very much...
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    Help with defence/pressing

    Well title may be not so spot on. I'm struggling create tactic where I want my team immediately to press opposition when they lose ball but if they can't win ball back fast I want them to drop and wait opposition mistake patiently. I'm thinking intsructions would be Closing down more Def line...
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    First and second balls

    Are I'm only who thinks FM needs first and second ball stats? Think about it if your team loses first ball and then you probably lose second ball too. Well it's true first ball isn't so important than second ball because you can lose first ball and then win the second ball. What you others...
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    From bottom to the top!

    Hi. I'm finnish FM player. Well playing FM14 because I don't want buy every FM. So new story for those people who reads still FM14 stories! :) And sorry for my not so good English! My idea is simple start with sunday league footballer past experience and try limb better and better teams and...